Classify definition

Classify and all derivatives means to list or delist wildlife species to or from endangered, or to or from the protected wildlife subcategories threatened or sensitive.
Classify means to make the original assignment of a position to an appropriate class on the basis of the duties and responsibilities assigned and to be performed.
Classify means classify pursuant to section 6(1) of the Act and derivatives of the word "classify" (whether in the form of words or in the form of phrases) shall be construed accordingly;

Examples of Classify in a sentence

  • In relation to this development, answer the following questions.Question 1a) Classify the buildings, determine the type of construction and then describe what fire resistance ratings are required for the external walls, and the floors of this building.

  • When an application is inter- ested in object movement, the middleware should be able to select proper sensors to collect context information about object movement.• Context classifying: Classify context information into different categories in an ap- plication-specific way.

  • Classify the referendum and elections crimes mentioned in Article (30) of Decree-Law No. (14) of 2002 on the Exercise of Political Rights, as amended, as urgent; and establish a competent and temporary court to consider and adjudicate these crimes.

  • If the grantee cannot provide sufficient documentation, costs claimed will need to be revised.3. Classify the Village of Laurelville as a high risk grantee in accordance with 40 CFR 31.12, and apply special conditions on all future awards.

  • Who are the stakeholders in the project?The distribution of costs and benefits (e.g. between rich and poor, men and women) is an important consideration when judging developmental impact.• Identify main groups of people involved in and affected by the enterprise.• Classify those with common interests into stakeholder groups.

More Definitions of Classify

Classify. , in respect of a site, means to classify the site under Part 2;
Classify means a change from a city of the first or second class, an unclassified city, or a town, to a code city.
Classify means to assign a position to an appropriate classification on the basis of the duties and responsibilities assigned and to be performed.
Classify means a change from a city of the first, second, or
Classify means to determine whether a film is:
Classify means: to establish and indicate that particular information (een gegeven) constitutes specific information and to determine and indicate the level of security to be assigned to this information.”
Classify means classify under the Classification Ordinance; “Court” means the Magistrates Court;