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  • ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS II ADOPTION OF PSR ABBREVIATED NOMENCLATURE - 2007 As per Chief Engineer’s Circular No.378/PW/EE(D)/AE(C)/F.NO.286/2002-03, dated 30.10.2002 the Puducherry Schedule of Rates Abbreviated Nomenclature 2007 for buildings and road works shall be adopted in recording of measurements and preparation of running account bills, etc., wherever applicable as per CPWD Works Manual 2007.

  • As at the date of this Circular, the above-mentioned proposed land acquisitions are still pending completion and the completion date is expected to be in the second quarter of 2013.

  • By purchasing the Class B Notes, Holders agree to treat such Class B Notes as notional principal contracts for U.S. federal income tax purposes (except for U.S. withholding tax purposes) and, as a result, as (i) a deemed loan and (ii) an on-market swap, each of which is tax accounted for in the manner described in the Offering Circular, unless such Holders are required to treat the Class B Notes in some other manner pursuant to a Final Tax Determination.

  • In accordance with Departmental Circular Letter EL 02/2011, a person who is not a serving local authority employee on or after 1st January 2011, will enter the scale at the minimum point.The salary shall be fully inclusive and shall be as determined from time to time.

  • The effectiveness of the applicable inspection method and compliance time should be determined based on a damage tolerance assessment methodology, such as thatdescribed in FAA Advisory Circular AC No. 91–56, Change 2, dated April 15, 1983.

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Circular means this management information circular;
Circular means the circular to be dated with the Posting Date and to be sent to the shareholders of GSK in connection with the Demerger, including a notice of general meeting of GSK;
Circular means the management information circular of Sherritt dated March 6, 2020, including all appendices thereto, as it may be amended, modified and/or supplemented from time to time, subject to the terms of the Interim Order or other Order of the Court;
Circular means this document;