Certify definition

Certify or “Certifies” shall mean that the Vendor certifies under pains and penalties of perjury to the statement referenced. “Vendor” shall mean the individual, corporation, partnership, or other entity which is a party to this Contract.
Certify or “Certifies” shall mean that the Vendor certifies under pains and penalties of perjury to the statement referenced.
Certify means, in reference to the VOC content of a coating, to attest to the VOC content as determined through analysis by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Method 24 in 40 CFR 60, Appendix A*, or through use of the forms and procedures outlined in the U.S. EPA Publication EPA 450/3-84-019, revised June 1986*. In the case of conflicting results, the U.S. EPA Method 24* shall be the reference method.

Examples of Certify in a sentence

Review the statement, click in the box next to “I agree to the above certification statement,” and then click on the Certify button.Note: The system will display a message “All data records are certified.

Certify that it has not violated any Federal, State or local law per- taining to fraud, bribery, graft, kick- backs, collusion, conflict of interest or other unlawful or corrupt practice re- lating to or in connection with facili- ties planning or design work on a wastewater treatment works project.

Certify that at the time the transporter picks up liquid industrial waste the information contained on the manifest is factual by signing the manifest.

Type and Extent of Effects: Certify whether the type and extent of effects from this type of project is within the range of effects predicted in this opinion for this project type.

Certify that the TAB team complied with the approved TAB plan and the procedures specified and referenced in this Specification.

More Definitions of Certify

Certify means to declare with reference to a certificate, with ample opportunity to reflect, and with a duty to apprise oneself of all material facts.
Certify means the completion of the certificate on a claim or return by the appointed auditor in accordance with arrangements made by the Commission;
Certify means the applicant is attesting, by affirmation, that all the data and other information in the application is true and accurate.
Certify means verify to the appointing authority that a list of names of candidates for employment has been selected from the list of persons tested and found eligible for employment.
Certify means to state or declare a professional opinion based on sufficient and appropriate onsite inspections and material tests conducted during construction
Certify. (and its derivatives) means the process through which the Distributor, Sigfox SA or any entity designated by Sigfox SA validates objects fulfill the criteria necessary for any authorized connection to the Sigfox Network.
Certify means to represent and warrant, under penalty of perjury, that certified matters are true, accurate and correct and are not misleading in any material way.