Bylaw definition

Bylaw means this bylaw and any other bylaw of the Corporation as amended and which are, from time to time, in force and effect;
Bylaw means a rule of the Board for its own operation.
Bylaw or “bylaws” means these Bylaws and any other bylaws of CPA Ontario that may be in force;

Examples of Bylaw in a sentence

  • In addition to the routine medical evaluation required by s.1006.20, Florida Statutes, and FHSAA Bylaw 9.7, we understand and acknowledge that we are hereby advised that the student should undergo a cardiovascular assessment, which may include such diagnostic tests as electrocardiogram (EKG), echocardiogram (ECG) and/or cardio stress test.Signature of Student: Date: / / Signature of Parent/Guardian: Date: / / Part 3.

  • The Consultant will comply with the City of Vancouver License By-law and maintain a valid business license throughout the duration of this Agreement.

  • The Committee shall operate in a manner consistent with the provisions of the Board’s Policy Governance Manual and Procedure By-law.

  • This report reviews and recommends approval of the applications to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law.

  • DEFINITIONS 2.1 In this By-law, 2.1.1 “Act” means the Building Code Act, 1992, as amended, including amendments thereto.

More Definitions of Bylaw

Bylaw means a bylaw of the Association.
Bylaw means a bylaw of the Town;
Bylaw means this off-site levy bylaw;
Bylaw means the Student Discipline Bylaw.
Bylaw means the City of Kamloops City Centre Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 22-4-5, 2009, as amended from time to time.
Bylaw means the Oval Village District Energy Utility Bylaw No. 9134 to which these General Terms and Conditions are attached and form part of;
Bylaw means this City of Grande Prairie Bylaw C-1365 and its Schedules.