Burner definition

Burner means a device for the final conveyance of fuel or a mixture of fuel and air to the combustion zone. "Class 0 air ducts" means ducts of materials and connectors having a fire-hazard classification of zero.
Burner means an owner or operator of a boiler or indus- trial furnace as defined in this section that burns hazardous waste fuel.
Burner means any furnace, combustion chamber, grate or other place into which fuel is fed by one or more stokers or manually for the purpose of burning such fuel in such furnace, combustion chamber, grate or other place.

Examples of Burner in a sentence

  • An alternative form may be used as long as it contains the same data elements as the Burner Evaluation/Tuning Reporting Form for Asphalt Concrete Plants form.

  • Burner is operated by a valve, equipped with an operating knob and an ignitor.

  • Undergraduates independently develop a social media presence and communicate their identity to interact with peers (Dennen & Burner, 2017).

  • While performing each burner tuning, the permittee shall record the results of the burner tuning using the Burner Tuning Reporting Form for Asphalt Concrete Plants form (as found in g)(1).

  • Individuals who maintain a profile on online platforms, and share words, images, and preferences through these profiles are forming online identities (Dennen & Burner, 2017).Communication of online identity through social media helps the user to create both social presence and emotional presence (Bozkurt & Tu, 2016).

More Definitions of Burner

Burner means the person who is responsible for or in control of a prescribed fire project that is regulated under 20.11.21 NMAC.
Burner means the functional component of a boiler that provides the heat input by combustion of a fossil fuel, with air or oxygen. Burners are available either as part of the boiler package from the manufacturer, as stand-alone products for custom installations, or as replacement products.
Burner means a device inside the flaring unit to ignite or combust the gas;
Burner means a device by which fluent fuel is passed to a combustion space where it burns to produce a self-supporting flame;