Bulky Goods definition

Bulky Goods means bulky appliances such as stoves, hot water heaters, sinks, washers, dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers.
Bulky Goods means items or materials that cannot be reasonably and conveniently collected during regularly scheduled weekly pickups, including any of the following discarded items: refrigerators, washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, microwave ovens, and other appliances; air conditioners; bicycles; furniture; waste tires off the rim, having a radius of no more than 16.5 inches, from automobiles, from pickup trucks, from motorcycles, from all-terrain vehicles, and from farm tractors; and other items, not included above, that are at least three (3) feet in length, width, or height, or at least fifty (50) pounds in weight. “Bulky goods” do not include: (a) automotive components, parts, or frames that weigh at least two hundred (200) pounds each; (b) automotive parts, such as motors and transmissions, that have a high density; (c) hazardous waste; (d) items that can be easily divided and placed into bags, boxes, or other containers, less than three (3) feet high, long or wide that, with contents, weigh less than fifty (50) pounds each; and (e) construction and demolition debris generally.
Bulky Goods means large goods which are, in the opinion of the council, of such a size and shape as to require:

Examples of Bulky Goods in a sentence

  • Bulky Goods are only collectible from Type A units of Premises as defined in Schedule A to this By-law.

  • Site Plan MPG Bulky Goods Retail Trust Product Disclosure Statement 11 Structure of the Investment Overview Trust Constitution Loan agreement Holds Trust Property Independent Custodian The Trust Company Ltd Trust Properties Financial Institution MPG Bulky Goods Retail Trust Investors MPG Funds Management Ltd (“RE”) The structure of the Trust is shown in the diagram below.

  • DP3 M1 2307 Brooks Lane / Road Beta, Middlewich Employment / Leisure / Non-Food Bulky Goods Retail/ Community FacilitiesNo planning permission granted other than for small developments within site.Site in multiple ownership with existing employment uses.Increased dwelling numbers considered in line with potential for residential development on surrounding areas.

  • Recommend Bulky Goods showroom be reclassified as ‘D’ in Mixed Use zone Request Serviced apartments be ‘A’ in Residential zone The zoning table has been reviewed and changes made accordingly to align with the modifications made to the application of the Neighbourhood Centre, Mixed Use and Local Centre zone.

  • Clarence has a relatively high diversity of activity centres in the State, it has the largest shopping centre complex (Eastlands at Rosny Park), a Specialist Bulky Goods Homemaker Centre at Cambridge and lower order retail offerings.

More Definitions of Bulky Goods

Bulky Goods means a large item or bundle, other than commercial construction and demolition debris or hazardous waste, White Goods or CRT’s, which cannot fit into a container or bag. Items include, but not limited to, mattresses, couches, bureaus, bundled construction debris, chairs, large children’s toys, and prepared carpets.
Bulky Goods means discarded large items of Solid Waste such as appliances, furniture, large auto parts, and other similar waste materials with weights and volumes greater than those allowed in waste collection bins, carts or other containers.
Bulky Goods means large and small household appliances, furniture, carpets, mattresses, white goods, oversized yard waste such as tree trunks and branches if no larger than two feet (2’) in diameter and four feet (4’) in length, and similar large items discarded by residential service recipients, except that Yard Waste may not be bundled and placed for collection as Bulky Goods. Bulky Goods also includes auto tires and Freon containing items to be collected and disposed of at an additional charge to the normal Bulky Goods rate.
Bulky Goods means items whose large size precludes or complicates their handling by normal Collection, processing or Disposal methods. Bulky Goods includes, but is not limited to major appliances, carpets; mattresses; clothing; tires; reusable items like clothing placed into plastic bags; and oversized Yard Trimmings such as tree trunks and branches not exceeding two (2) feet in diameter and four (4) feet in length. Bulky Goods does not include any motor vehicle or any subassembly, major component except tires, and does not include Hazardous Waste.
Bulky Goods means upholstered furniture including couches, recliners and chairs; mattresses and box springs; and other large non-metallic items.
Bulky Goods means goods whose size in the sum of three dimensions (height, width, length) exceeds 150 centimetres;