Brown definition

Brown s Reservoir" means the proposed water impoundment as shown in Appendix 6, including the existing storage capacity and the proposed expanded storage capacity, and for which a water right is described in Article III of this Compact.
Brown means Brown & Brown, Inc. (formerly Poe & Brown, Inc. and Poe & Associates, Inc.);
Brown means Drew M. Brown.

Examples of Brown in a sentence

Brown, European Insolvency Law reform and harmonization(Cheltenham 2017), p.

Brown, European Insolvency Law reform and harmonization (Cheltenham 2017), p.

Voting “Aye” Sandra Little Brown, David Carrington, and Joe Knight.

Brown, European Insolvency Law reform and harmonization, Cheltenham 2017, p.

Pharmacy is aware that Covered Entity is a government entity and is subject to the California Public Records Act, Cal.Govt.Code§6250 et seq., the Brown Act, Cal.Govt.Code §54950 et seq., and other laws pertaining to government entities.

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Brown means a terrain predominantly of bare soil, clay, or buildings;
Brown means Douglas A. Brown, an individual.
Brown means Douglas Brown.