Brown definition

Brown s Reservoir" means the proposed water impoundment as shown in Appendix 6, including the existing storage capacity and the proposed expanded storage capacity, and for which a water right is described in Article III of this Compact.
Brown means a terrain predominantly of bare soil, clay, or buildings;
Brown shall have the meaning set forth in the preamble of this Agreement.

Examples of Brown in a sentence

  • Please note the board cannot take action on any items not on the agenda, with certain exceptions as outlined in the Brown Act.

  • Kenneth Hansen, Chief, Manufactured Durables Branch, assisted by Mike Brown, Renee Coley, Raphael Corrado, and Milbren Thomas, Section Chiefs, Michael Zampo- gna, Former Chief, Manufactured Nondu- rables Branch, assisted by Allen Fore- man, Robert Miller, Robert Reinard, and Nat Shelton, Section Chiefs, and Tom Lee, Robert Rosati, and Tom Flood, Special Assistants, performed the planning and implementation.

  • Brown Act prevents the Board of Trustees from responding to these comments with the exception of clarifying questions.

  • Brown Public Meetings Act of the State of California and shall conduct its meetings in accordance with the provisions thereof.

  • Members of the public may address the Board on any subject not on tonight’s agenda; however, provisions of the Brown Act (Government Code Section 54954.2(a) and 54954.3) preclude any action.

More Definitions of Brown

Brown means Owsley Brown II.
Brown means Brown & Brown, Inc. (formerly Poe & Brown, Inc. and Poe & Associates, Inc.);
Brown means Jim Brown, the CFO of Just Energy when each of the Impugned Documents were released;
Brown means Douglas Brown.
Brown means Xxxx Xxxxx.
Brown means Brown Water Transportation Corp., a Delaware corporatiox xxx wholly xxxxx Subsidiary of CSX.