Broker definition

Broker means a person defined as a broker or dealer under the federal securities laws, but without excluding a bank acting in that capacity.
Broker means a person or entity that fills orders by purchasing or receiving supplies from a third party supplier rather than out of its own existing inventory and provides no commercially useful function other than acting as a conduit between his or her supplier and his or her customer.

Examples of Broker in a sentence

The following credit will be counted toward the goal: Supplier Manufacturer receives 100% credit, Supplier Regular Dealer receives 60% credit, and Supplier Broker receives fees and commissions only.

As a Designated Broker, under the underwriting agreement, BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.

Except for the Sellers’ Broker, no broker, finder, financial advisor or investment banker has been engaged by, or acted for or on behalf of, the Sellers in connection with the negotiation, execution or performance of this Agreement or the transactions contemplated hereby, and no such Person is or will be entitled to any broker’s, finder’s or similar fee or other commission in connection with this Agreement or the transactions contemplated hereby.

The Buyers will indemnify the Seller Parties and hold the Seller Parties harmless from and against any Losses that are incurred or suffered arising out of or in connection with any claim that the Buyers or any of their Affiliates have consulted, dealt or negotiated with any real estate broker, salesperson or agent in connection with this Agreement or the transactions contemplated hereby, except for claims by Sellers’ Broker.

Broker quotes are not used for fair value pricing.• Corporate debt securities: Comprised of bonds issued by corporations.

More Definitions of Broker

Broker means any person engaged or continuing in business who acts for another for a consideration in the conduct of a business activity taxable under this Chapter, and who receives for his principal all or part of the gross income from the taxable activity.
Broker means a person lawfully engaged in the business of effecting transactions in securities or commodities for the person's own account or for the account of others.
Broker means such member of an Exchange and/or Clearing House as is instructed by us to enter, clear or settle any transaction on an Exchange;
Broker means any undertaking arranging the recovery or disposal of waste on behalf of others, including such brokers who do not take physical possession of the waste;
Broker means the broker or Market Maker which we use from time to time in order to execute your instructions;
Broker means a real estate licensee (including brokers and sales associates) acting as an agent or in a legally recognized non-agency capacity. (Adopted 4/98)