BRI definition

BRI means basketball related income as defined in Article VII, Section 1(a) and (b).
BRI means BRI International Inc.

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Basic Rate Interface-ISDN (BRI- ISDN) provides for digital transmission of two (2) 64 kbps bearer channels and one (1) 16 kbps data and signaling channel (2B+D).

An End Office connection that provides transmission, switching and optional features suitable for Customer connection to the public switched network, including loop start supervision, ground start supervision and signaling for BRI- ISDN service.

BRI ISDN Port does not offer B Channel Packet service capabilities.

A BRI ISDN Port is a Digital 2B+D (2 Bearer Channels for voice or data and 1 Delta Channel for signaling and D Channel Packet) Line Side Switch connection with BRI ISDN voice and data basic elements.

BRI ISDN is a digital architecture that provides integrated voice and data capability (2 wire).

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BRI means "Basic Rate Interface" or "ISDN". All prices for BRI Line Extensions are sold in minimum increments of [***] ([***]) lines, are configured for ISDN at Buyer's request and include the following:
BRI means Burton Road Investments, LLC.
BRI means an annualised return of 8%.
BRI means Bestway Rental, Inc., a Tennessee corporation.
BRI. Corporate Records –-a rolling period of seven (7) years for written and electronic records maintained at BRI’s corporate offices (including summary records for all BRI Return Locations) from the date that such record was created.