BP definition

BP means collectively BP Energy Company, BP Canada Energy Marketing Corp., BP Canada Energy Group ULC and BP Corporation North America Inc. and any other related affiliate with which Just Energy contracts.
BP means blood pressure.
BP means BP Oil New Zealand Limited.

Examples of BP in a sentence

  • The regulated entity (BP) thought it had a legally issued permit that met the explicit legal requirements and could be relied upon as the company proceeded with the modification of its facility.

  • Probability of transitioning (remaining at current state with same prosthesis, moving to new state Passive/Cosmetic (C), Body Powered (BP), or Externally Powered (EP) and receiving a new prosthesis, or dying) depends on location and time.

  • Hulscher JBF, van Sandwick JW, de Boer AG, Wijnhoven BP, Tijssen JG, Fockens P et al.

  • The phase transition at pd is somehow intrinsic to the underlying measure µ(x), and has a well studied counterpart in the theory of mean field disordered spin models.Apart from the particular channel family, the BP threshold depends on the particular code ensemble,i.e. (for the case considered here) on the code ensemble.

  • In other words the couple u, h must be a density evolutionfixed point.This conjecture has indeed been proved in the case of communication over the binary erasure channel for a large class of LDPC ensembles (including, for instance, regular ones).The expression (4.35) is interesting because it bridges the analysis of BP and MAP decoding.

More Definitions of BP

BP means one one-hundredth of one percent (0.01%).
BP means BP (formerly known as British Petroleum) or a subsidiary or affiliate of that company.
BP means one one-hundredth of 1%.
BP means BP Energy Company.