Boarder definition

Boarder means a Roomer who is provided meals and is not related by birth, marriage or adoption to the household.
Boarder means a person who rents a room, rooms or apartment for at least a week. A boarder is considered permanent and is not a transient guest.

Examples of Boarder in a sentence

If otherwise eligible, Roomers and Boarders are eligible for a Benefit to the extent such Applicants prove that the rental arrangement giving rise to their Roomer or Boarder status was in existence for at least sixty (60) days prior to the Date of Application.

At a minimum, such proof shall include verification that a reasonable market rate rent amount was paid by the Roomer or Boarder pursuant to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement for the entire sixty (60) day period.

Boarder agrees they will be fully responsible for all alternative boarding charges so incurred.

Boarder agrees and understands that it is Boarder’s responsibility to provide Horse with proper hoof care and farrier services.

Deductions from Boarder Income When the household is not a commercial boarding house, the deduction for the cost of doing business is: - The documented cost of providing rooms and meals, if the cost exceeds the maximum coupon allotment equal to the number of boarders.

More Definitions of Boarder

Boarder means a person occupying a sleeping unit or dormitory unit obtaining meals within the same building, or portion of a building in which the sleeping unit or dormitory unit is located.
Boarder means any person to whom lodging or both lodging and meals in an accommodation establishment is or are supplied by the proprietor for reward or gain;
Boarder means a pupil for whom a school provides accommodation, whether or not the pupil is a pupil at that school;
Boarder means a person who resides in a dwelling with a family for a period of 10 days or longer;
Boarder means a person, sixteen years of age or over who occupies living accommodation in a boarding house or in a single detached dwelling house, semi- detached dwelling house or in any dwelling unit.