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We find that this corresponds to between 24.95–44.50 signals in the BBH class, 0.66–3.80 signals in the NSBH class, 0.22–0.81 signals in the BNS class in O3a.

The results given here are ob- tained from events occurring during O3a only, except for the BNS region where prior information of 1 highly signif- icant detection was applied to represent GW170817 [5].{ }The estimation method for binary source class prob- abilities [118] uses the binary chirp mass as input, and assumes a uniform density of candidate signals over the plane of component masses m1, m2 .

This event was also detected in electromagnetic waves [6], ex- panding the field of multimessenger astronomy to include GWs. By the end of O2, the LVC had reported on a total of ten BBHs and one BNS event, described in the first Gravitational-Wave Transient Catalog, GWTC- 1 [7].

Such ingredients are crucial for understanding the electromagnetic emission likely to come from a binary neutron star (BNS) or black hole-neutron star (BHNS) merger.NSNS binaries, unlike BHBH and BHNS binaries, have been observed and stud- ied within our galaxy.

Although the im- plied signal distribution over template chirp mass does not correspond to any specific astrophysical model, it is adequate for assignment of pastro given the current knowl- edge of BNS and NSBH merger populations.

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BNS has the meaning specified in the recital of parties to this Agreement.
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BNS has the meaning set forth in the preamble to the Agreement
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