Biosolids definition

Biosolids means non-hazardous sewage sludge, as defined in 40 CFR 503.9. Sewage sludge that is hazardous, as defined in 40 CFR 261, must be disposed of in accordance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.
Biosolids means any material or material derived from sewage solids that have been biologically treated.
Biosolids means the solids, semi-liquid suspensions of solids, residues, screenings, grit, scum, and precipitates separated from or created in wastewater by the unit processes of a treatment system. It also includes, but is not limited to, all supernatant, filtrate, centrate, decantate, and thickener overflow and underflow in the solids handling parts of the wastewater treatment system.

Examples of Biosolids in a sentence

  • Biosolids are the solid, semisolid, or liquid residues generated during the treatment of sanitary sewage or domestic sewage in a treatment works.

  • Biosolids must not be applied to the land if it is likely to adversely affect a threatened or endangered species listed under Section 4 of the Endangered Species Act or its designated critical habitat.

  • Biosolids must not be applied to flooded, frozen or snow covered ground so that the biosolids enter wetlands or other waters of the state.

  • Biosolids meet one of the vector attraction reduction alternatives in A.A.C. R18-9-1010 subsections (A)(1) through (A)(8).

  • Biosolids treatment, storage, use or disposal does not contaminate surface water or groundwater.

More Definitions of Biosolids

Biosolids means municipal sewage sludge that is a primarily organic, semisolid product resulting from the waste-water treatment process, that can be beneficially recycled and meets all requirements under Chapter 173-308 WAC, and other applicable provisions of the Thurston County Code and Thurston County Sanitary Code. Biosolids includes a material derived from biosolids, and septic tank sludge, also known as septage, that can be beneficially recycled and meets all applicable requirements under Chapter 173-308 WAC.
Biosolids means biosolids generated at the plants listed in Schedule “B” of this Certificate;