Balloon definition

Balloon means a non-power-driven lighter-than-air aircraft;
Balloon means a lighter-than-air aircraft which is not engine-driven and sustains flight through the use of either gas or an airborne heater. For the purposes of this Part, a hot-air airship, although engine-driven, is also considered a balloon.
Balloon means a lighter-than-air aircraft that is not engine driven and that sustains flight through the use of either gas buoyancy or an airborne heater.

Examples of Balloon in a sentence

  • Special Events Permit – Solberg Aviation 2009 Balloon Festival July 24, 25, and 26 * 11.

  • The BOF Festival is a fun, family-friendly event that will feature Hot Air Balloon Tethered Rides, an amazing after dark Balloon Glow, Craft Vendors, Local Food Vendors and Food Trucks, a Kid’s Zone, Entertainment and a Concert Stage.

  • Some of the interactive activities, static displays, and educational demonstrations may include:Emergency Vehicles, Free Fire Safety Giveaways, Children’s Water Fights, Balloon Twisting, Bounce House, FacePainting, Side-by-Side Sprinkler Demo, Vehicle Extrication Demo, Junior Firefighter Obstacle Course, Hands-Only CPR, Fox Valley Humane Assoc.

  • Balloon fest – idea of having balloons flying over the national park and land in Tropic.

  • Homecoming Opening Ceremony scheduled for 2pm on Thursday, June 30th at Shell Elementary Biodegradable Balloon Release - Friday, July 1st Homecoming Parade – starts @ 4pm on Saturday, July 2nd at Hawthorne Athletic Park (setup starts at 3pm) Wally Russell- Hawthorne Christmas Festival scheduled for Saturday, Dec.

More Definitions of Balloon

Balloon means a manned lighter-than-air aircraft which is not power-driven and sustains flight through the use of either a lighter-than-air gas or an airborne heater, including gas balloons, hot-air balloons, mixed balloons and, although power-driven, hot-air airships;
Balloon means a decorative inflatable device, into which a gas (typically helium) is inserted in order to cause it to rise or float in the atmosphere. (See also “Inflatable advertising device.”)
Balloon refers to a Mortgage Loan the principal of which will not fully amortize before the scheduled maturity of that Mortgage Loan
Balloon means a non-power-driven lighter-than-air aircraft and that sustains flight through the use of either gas buoyancy or an airborne heater;
Balloon means a latex balloon 36 inches or less in diameter tethered on a cord not greater than four feet in length.
Balloon means either: