BA definition

BA means Business Area comprising of one or more SSA’s

Examples of BA in a sentence

  • BA treatment consisted of the application of 15 µL of2 × 108 CFU/mL of P.

  • In both the impoundment and dewatering bin systems, the BA transport water is usually discharged to surface water as overflow from the system, after the BA has settled to the bottom.

  • Areas that are thinned would be no less than an average of 80 BA, instead of the average of 35- 45 BA commonly prescribed for thinning treatments in the Greater Santa Fe Fireshed area in recent decades.

  • We request that the Forest Service evaluate the effects of leaving a greater density of trees in thinning projects, average BA 80 or more, and substantially decreasing the total acres thinned.

  • J.E., Shore, R.F. and Rattner, B.A. Springer International Publishing AG, Cham, Switzerland.

More Definitions of BA

BA means a time draft, drawn by the beneficiary under an Acceptance Credit and accepted by the L/C Issuer upon presentation of documents by the beneficiary of an Acceptance Credit pursuant to Section 2.04 hereof, in the standard form for bankersacceptances of the L/C Issuer.
BA means Business Area
BA means a Clean BA or an L/C Issued BA.
BA means the one-month Bankers' Acceptances rate and "bps" means basis point or 1/100th of one percent.
BA means the Bonus Amount per Certificate, "CA" means the Calculation Amount, and