BA definition

BA means Business Area comprising of one or more SSA’s
BA means the responsible entity that integrates resource plans ahead of time, maintains load-interchange-generation balance within a Balancing Authority Area, and supports interconnection frequency in real-time.

Examples of BA in a sentence

  • Also creates an Accelerated BS to MS in Homeland Security and Emergency Management, and a dual degree option with the BA in Sociology: Criminology concentration.

  • If CE elects destruction of the PHI, BA shall certify in writing to CE that such PHI has been destroyed in accordance with the Secretary’s guidance regarding proper destruction of PHI.

  • BA agrees to implement a process that allows for an accounting to be collected and maintained by BA and its agents and subcontractors for at least six (6) years prior to the request.

  • The parties understand and agree that CE must receive satisfactory written assurance from BA that BA will adequately safeguard all Protected Information.

  • BA = Brodmann area, MNI = Montreal Neurological Institute, ID = common iden- tification numbers of Figures 2A and 2B, na = not assigned, ns = not significant.

More Definitions of BA

BA means a time draft, drawn by the beneficiary under an Acceptance Credit and accepted by the L/C Issuer upon presentation of documents by the beneficiary of an Acceptance Credit pursuant to Section 2.04 hereof, in the standard form for bankers’ acceptances of the L/C Issuer.
BA means a Clean BA or an L/C Issued BA.
BA means Business Area
BA means the one-month Bankers' Acceptances rate and "bps" means basis point or 1/100th of one percent.
BA means the one-month Bankers' Acceptances rate; "CDOR" means the Canadian Dealer Offered Rate; "bps" means basis point or 1/100th of one percent.