Automated definition

Automated means without active human intervention;

Examples of Automated in a sentence

  • The Commonwealth will make contract payments through the Automated Clearing House (ACH).

  • The Fund, its transfer agent, and any of their respective agents or affiliates will not be liable for acting upon instructions believed to be genuine and in accordance with the procedures described in the prospectus or the rules of the Automated Clearing House.

  • Security procedures include encryption and or the use of a test key by those individuals authorized as Automated Batch Verifiers.

  • AFADs shall be according to the FHWA memorandum, “MUTCD - Revised Interim Approval for the use of Automated Flagger Assistance Devices in Temporary Traffic Control Zones (IA-4R)”, dated January 28, 2005.

  • All payments of principal and interest on the Notes will be made in U.S. dollars as Automated Clearing House (ACH) deposits into an account designated by each Holder at the Site.

More Definitions of Automated

Automated means the utilization of computers, telecommunication lines, or other automatic data processing equipment for data collection or storage, analysis, processing, preservation, maintenance, dissemination, or display and is distinguished from a system in which such activities are performed manually.
Automated means any data processing that is executed without human intervention by virtue of controlled technical processes;
Automated in relation to data, means electronically transmitted in whole or in part, by means of a data message in which the conduct of a data message of one or more parties are not reviewed by a natural person in the operation of the electronic system, in the ordinary course of that natural person’s business or employment;
Automated. Message Accounting (AMA)" is the structure inherent in switch technology that initially records telecommunication message information. AMA format is contained in the Automated Message Accounting document, published by Bellcore at GR-1100-CORE which defines the industry standard for message recording.
Automated means any cargo carried by an automated method of cargo movement, such as container, ROIRO, LASH or SEABEE.
Automated likes" and "don't likes" "very helpful" and "not helpful" zombie "followers" on Facebook and Twitter faux viral recommendations of YouTube-based ads Hyundai Superbowl ad paid negative reviews of competitors "gag" consumer contracts celebrity endorsements e.g., Gwyneth Paltrow traditional media e.g., restaurant reviews 3.2.2 State Statutes e.g., Massachusetts, 93A prohibits unfair and deceptive trade practices construed to cover any material statement that has the capacity or tendency to deceive also covers nondisclosure of material information
Automated means the collection of solid waste and/or recyclables at curbside through the process of using an electronic and/or mechanical arm to lift and empty container into the collection truck.