Automated definition

Automated means without active human intervention;

Examples of Automated in a sentence

  • Contractors shall contact their financial institution/bank to establish an account authorizing Automated Clearing House (ACH) Direct Debit payments to

  • Regulation of Automated Judicial Deposits and Payments, Circular No. 89-08, May 15, 2008, Art.

  • Automated systems were not enough, and actual human engagement was needed to penetrate the mass consciousness online [3].

  • Automated, computerized methods should also be introduced and applied to the other fields in which chronic stimulation of the central system has proved useful, such as in the treatment of movement disorders.

  • Objection to Automated Processing – the right to object to our use of Personal Data to make automated decisions that affect the Data Subject.

More Definitions of Automated

Automated means the utilization of computers, telecommunication lines, or other automatic data processing equipment for data collection or storage, analysis, processing, preservation, maintenance, dissemination, or display and is distinguished from a system in which such activities are performed manually.
Automated means any data processing that is executed without human intervention by virtue of controlled technical processes;
Automated in relation to data, means electronically transmitted in whole or in part, by means of a data message in which the conduct of a data message of one or more parties are not reviewed by a natural person in the operation of the electronic system, in the ordinary course of that natural person’s business or employment;
Automated means any equipment capable of operating automatically in response to instructions given for the purpose of processing data.
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Automated means any cargo carried by an automated method of cargo movement, such as container, ROIRO, LASH or SEABEE.
Automated. Your Recommendations" (for recognized users) and "Quick Picks" (for unrecognized users) features of the Home Page of the Site;