Austin definition

Austin shall have the meaning given such term in the Recitals.
Austin means HP Inc.
Austin means the City of Austin, Texas.

Examples of Austin in a sentence

  • The meeting will be held in the Austin, Texas area at a date and time mutually acceptable to DIR and the Vendor or by teleconference, at DIR’s discretion.

  • The meetings may be held within the Austin, Texas area at a date and time mutually acceptable to DIR and the Vendor or by teleconference.

  • If you have a question or complaint regarding a real estate licensee, you should contact TREC at P.O. Box 12188, Austin, Texas 78711-2188 or 512-465-3960.

  • Austin RP, “Constructive Trusts” in Finn PD (ed), Essays in Equity (Law Book Co, 1985).

  • If You purchased this Agreement in Texas, unresolved complaints or questions concerning the regulations of service contracts may be addressed to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, P.O. Box 12157, Austin, Texas 78711, telephone number (000) 000-0000 or (000) 000-0000.

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Austin. NAME If the Adviser ceases to act as investment adviser to the Austin Global Equity Fund or any other Fund whose name includes the word "Austin," or if the Adviser requests in writing, the Trust shall take prompt action to change the name of any such Fund to a name that does not include the word "Austin." The Adviser may from time to time make available without charge to the Trust for the Trust's use any marks or symbols owned by the Adviser, including marks or symbols containing the word "Austin" or any variation thereof, as the Adviser deems appropriate. Upon the Adviser's request in writing at any time, the Trust shall cease to use any such xxxx or symbol. The Trust acknowledges that any rights in or to the word "Austin" and any such marks or symbols which may exist on the date of this Agreement or arise hereafter are, and under any and all circumstances shall continue to be, the sole property of the Adviser. The Adviser may permit other parties, including other investment companies, to use the word
Austin and "City" shall mean the City of Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx County, Texas, a municipal corporation.
Austin and "City" shall mean the City of Austin, Travis County, Texas, a municipal corporation.
Austin means the 1995-built bulk carrier of 75,229 deadweight tons registered in the ownership of Oceanventure under Cypriot flag with the name “AUSTIN” and IMO Number 9083536 ;
Austin means City of Austin, Texas.
Austin means City of Austin.