Attested definition

Attested means attestation of the photocopy of documents by the First class Magistrate /Gazetted Officer/Notary Public.
Attested means attestation of the photocopy of documents by the first class Magistrate/Gazetted officer/Notary Public
Attested means attestation of the photocopy of document by Ist Class Magistrate/ Notary Public/ Gazetted Officer.

Examples of Attested in a sentence

  • Attested copy of acceptance letter and completion certificate shall be enclosed of each work.

  • Attested scanned copy of the valid registration certificate in Electrical Category shall be uploaded with the tender along with the undertaking from the registered Electrical Contractor stating his willingness to carry out the tender work.

  • Attested copy of acceptance letter and completion certificate shall be enclosed for each work.

  • Attested copies of CNIC or the passport of the beneficial owners and the proxy shall be furnished with the proxy form.

  • Attested (notarized or attested by Gazetted officer) copy to be submitted along with the offer.

More Definitions of Attested

Attested in relation to an instrument means and shall be deemed always to have meant attested by two or more witnesses each of whom has seen the executant sign or affix his mark to the instrument, or has seen some other person sign the instrument in the presence and by the direction of the executant, or has received from the executant a personal acknowledgment of his signature or mark or of the signature of such other person, and each of whom has signed the instrument in the presence of the executant; but it shall not be necessary that more than one of such witnesses shall have been present at the same time, and no particular form of attestation shall be necessary."
Attested means subscribed, signed, acknowledged, sworn to, affirmed, certified, verified, or attested to and includes other words and phrases that have a substantially similar meaning.
Attested means countersigned by the Competent Authority in the prescribed manner in token of due payment of the stamp duty;
Attested means attested before and explained by the Registrar or a Solicitor of the High Court or a Magistrate or Justice of the Peace or any person duly authorized in writing in that behalf by the Governor;
Attested means attested by the Forwarding Officer. PART – II Admission of regular candidate to an examination of the University
Attested means a will must be witnessed by the number of people required by that state.
Attested. THE BANK OF NEW YORX, 000 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx St. Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 00000 /x/ Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xx: /x/ Xxxxxx X. Xxxx ------------------------------- ----------------------------------- Belinda Brown Name: Robert J. Dunn As Xxxxx Title: As Xxxxx Xxxxed, sealed and delivered by THE BANK OF NEW YORK in the presence of: /s/ Daniel G. Dwyer ------------------------------- Daniel G. Dwyer /s/ Xxxxxxx X. Xxxosak ------------------------------- Xxxxxxx X. Novosak Xx Xxxxxxxxx