Attach definition

Attach or “Attachment” means the use of, or connection to, the Equipment of the Company by a Third Party;
Attach means the physical accessing and use of, or attachment to, the Equipment of the Company by an Attaching Third Party pursuant to Article 3.00 of this Agreement;

Examples of Attach in a sentence

COST CENTER EXPENSES (continued) Capital ExpenseCost Per General LedgerReclass-ification 5 *Attach a schedule if more than one type of cost is included on this line, or if the total exceeds $1000.

Attach Cashier’s Check or Certified Check Here In the event that one proposal guaranty check is intended to cover two or more proposals, the amount must be equal to the sumof the proposal guaranties which would be required for each individual proposal.

Drawings: Attach reinforced, punched binder tabs on drawings and bind with text.

Attach copies of invoices to support the cost and a copy of the appeal filed with the county.) $ 5 6.

Vendors are instructed to use Attach Doc button to upload documents.

More Definitions of Attach

Attach an existing document in AiM or “add” a new document from the network or your computer.  To Attach - Search the file that you want to attach:
Attach прикреплять, прилагать
Attach means the electronic notary’s electronic signature and seal are securely bound to the electronic document in such a manner as to make it impracticable to falsify or alter, without detection, either the signature or the document.
Attach присоединять
Attach means the connection, as authorized by the director, of any of the liquor
Attach наложить арест на имущество