ATOP definition

ATOP means DTC’s Automated Tender Offer Program, for which the transaction will be eligible. “Citi Note Cash Price” means the cash amount specified as such in the term sheet attached hereto.

Examples of ATOP in a sentence

  • At the beginning of the implementation of the BVPI-PHRD Project there was only one technical assistant for the BVPI-PHRD Project (Technical Assistant for the Operations [Assistance Technique des Opérations, ATOP]), but because of his poor performance, he was dismissed at midterm.

More Definitions of ATOP

ATOP has the meaning specified in Section 104.
ATOP means the DTC on-line tendering system pursuant to which book-entry transfers may be effected;
ATOP is defined in Section 1.06(a)(vii).
ATOP means the HealthMarkets AgentsTotal Ownership Plan, as amended and restated as of April 5, 2006.