Assisting definition

Assisting means setting up equipment and placing the face mask. Assisting does not include titrating and turning on or off equipment.
Assisting means staff performs the personal care tasks for the individual; or performs the tasks along with the individual (i.e., some hands on); or otherwise assists the individual to perform the tasks himself/herself by prompting, reminding, or by being in attendance while the individual performs the task(s).
Assisting is defined as a driver covering a portion of a run. Assignments to double or assist another driver will only be made by the Supervisor of Transportation or her/his designee. If availability, space on the bus, and location are equivalent, then seniority will be deciding factor in assignments. Those drivers doubling a run within their time block/bracket, will receive thirty (30) minutes additional pay. Those assisting on a run or with an interfering field trip within their time block/bracket will receive fifteen (15) minutes additional pay.

Examples of Assisting in a sentence

  • Assisting IPM Coordinator with resolving issues found in annual inspection report.

  • Assisting with oral medications ordered by the physician which are ordinarily self-administered.

  • Insert 852.228-72, Assisting Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned and Veteran-Owned Small Businesses in Obtaining Bonds, in solicitations that include FAR clause 52.228-1, Bid Guarantee.

  • Assisting minority businesses in obtaining the same unit pricing with the bidder's suppliers in order to help minority businesses in establishing credit.

  • Assisting Fisheries Divisions, department of Industry, Tourism and Trade to release 300 barramundi fingerlings into Rum Jungle Lake for recreational fishing.

More Definitions of Assisting

Assisting means setting up equipment and placing the
Assisting a council means getting it to provide information about a problem that might exist, appointing a Crown reviewer, or appointing a Crown observer. “Intervening” includes the appointment of a Crown manager and/or a Commissioner, or the calling of a general election of a council.
Assisting means any act that helps another to fish, as defined in subsection (16) of this section.
Assisting means that the person is at no point allowed to make any decision regarding the medical or surgical procedure.
Assisting means helping if there is a production or operating problem, but does not mean performing the work of the employee because the employee is behind in production.