Assistance unit definition

Assistance unit means a cash assistance unit as defined in WAC 388-408-0005. An assistance unit is the group of people who live to- gether and whose income or resources the department counts to decide eligibility for benefits and the amount of benefits.
Assistance unit means the assistance filing unit consisting of the group of persons, including the dependent child(ren), living together in a single household who must be included in the application for assistance and in the assistance payment if eligibility is established. An assistance unit may be the same as a family.

Examples of Assistance unit in a sentence

  • Example 4: Maximum Reimbursable Assistance unit of 6 in a Group II locality.

  • Non-residential programs(a) The Commissioner may appoint a Director to administer the veterans’Advocacy and Assistance unit for the aid and benefit of the veterans, their spouses and eligible dependents and family members.(b) The Office of Advocacy shall have offices and at least one service officer in each of§27-102l(d)-8—27-102l(d)-19 Department of Veterans’ Affairs‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌the five congressional districts as provided by law.

  • Rules for forming the assistance unit and needs group.(a) Assistance unit composition.

  • Medical Assistance may be authorized by the Medical Assistance unit of the social services district or ACS in New York City, or the foster care or other child welfare unit, as local practice dictates.

  • It shall contain a statement that if a child is a member of a food stamp or Temporary Assistance unit, the child is automatically eligible to receive free program meals, subject to completion of an application as described in C of this policy statement.

More Definitions of Assistance unit

Assistance unit means: a single person without dependent
Assistance unit means those members of a needy family, as
Assistance unit means persons whose needs, income, and assets are considered in determining eligibility for and the amount of financial assistance payment.
Assistance unit means those persons who have been determined categorically and financially eligible to receive assistance.
Assistance unit means the assistance filing unit consisting of the group of persons,
Assistance unit means a group of related persons living in the same home who have been determined eligible for CalWORKs cash assistance by the county. California-DSS-Manual-EAS Eligibility and Assistance Standards, Chapter 82-800 Assistance Unit.
Assistance unit or "household" means any individual or group of individuals who are living together as one economic unit and for whom residential heating is customarily purchased in common or who make payments for heat in the form of rent.