Appropriated definition

Appropriated means having been subject to such taking and "Appropriating" means exercising such taking authority.
Appropriated means a taking in condemnation proceedings by right of eminent domain or a conveyance by Landlord to a public or quasi-public authority under threat of condemnation and the date of appropriation shall be the date on which any such event occurs.
Appropriated means the provision of funds in the annual budget. Where Council has not yet adopted a budget for the current year, and expenditure shall be deemed to be appropriate if, in the opinion of the CAO and the Department Director, the expenditure is for normal operations and maintenance;

Examples of Appropriated in a sentence

  • The City shall pay the Contractor, to the extent of funds Appropriated or otherwise legally available for such purposes, for all goods delivered and services performed and obligations incurred prior to the date of termination in accordance with the terms hereof.

  • The City’s payment obligations are payable only and solely from funds Appropriated and available for this Contract.

  • The absence of Appropriated or other lawfully available funds shall render the Contract null and void to the extent funds are not Appropriated or available and any deliverables delivered but unpaid shall be returned to the Contractor.

  • Lobbying with Appropriated Moneys (18 USC 1913) The National Fish Hatchery System Volunteer Act of 2006 (16 USC 760aa – 1-4), as amended.

  • Appropriation and Estimated Cost$ 512,500State Grant Appropriated$ 270,810Down Payment Appropriated$ 25,625Bonds and Notes Authorized$ 216,065Period of Usefulness10 years E.

  • Table 3.Amtrak Authorized and Appropriated Funding, FY2016-FY2020(in millions of nominal dollars) Authorized Funding Appropriated Funding Source: (P.L. 114-94, P.L. 114-57, P.L. 115-31, P.L. 115-141, P.L. 116-6, P.L. 116-94, P.L. 116-136,P.L. 116-159, P.L. 116-260).Notes: NEC= Northeast Corridor.

  • Appropriation and Estimated Cost$ 92,000Down Payment Appropriated$ 4,600Bonds and Notes Authorized$ 87,400Period of Usefulness5 years J.

  • The following planned expenditures and associated revenue are hereby authorized and appropriated in connection with this project: PROJECT NAME EXPENDITURE REVENUE PIEDMONT TRIAD AIRPORT AUTHORITY (GSO EAST & WEST) WATER AND SEWER PROJECT Joint Water and Sewer Construction (Water) - $1,657,042 (Sewer) - $142,958 Joint Water and Sewer Trust Appropriated Fund Balance – $1,800,000 SECTION 2.

  • Source Documents: ▪ FY 06-07 Appropriated – ABEST printout for 06-07 appropriated.▪ FY 08-09 Requested – DADS Legislative Appropriations Request (Base request plus Exceptional-Items #1 and #2).

  • The City will enter into an escrow agreement to establish the City PFS Escrow Account to hold the City Project Year Appropriated Amounts (as defined below) until such time as they are due to Borrower as Pay-for-Success Payments.

More Definitions of Appropriated

Appropriated and “Appropriating” shall be construed accordingly.
Appropriated means to be apprehended by thought and its concomitants as being their "physical seat" (adhisthana).
Appropriated as used in 24 V.S.A. 1891(8) means approved by the municipal legislative body and dedicated to service eligible District expenditures.
Appropriated shall have a similar meaning, unless the context otherwise requires;
Appropriated means the borough assembly has approved the expenditure
Appropriated means a taking in condemnation proceedings by right of eminent domain, or a conveyance by Lessor to a public or quasi-public authority under threat of condemnation, and the date of appropriation shall be the date on which any such event occurs. Where a rent adjustment is provided for in this paragraph, the amount of the reduction shall be determined by multiplying the monthly rent by a fraction, the numerator shall be the area of space lost by the “appropriation” and the denominator shall be the total area of space leased by the Lessee prior to the “appropriation.”

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  • Appropriation means an authorization granted by a legislative body to incur obligations and to expend public funds for a stated purpose.

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  • Appropriate Commission means the Central Regulatory Commission referred to in sub-section (1) section 76 of the Electricity Act, or the State Regulatory Commission referred to in section 82 of the Electricity Act or the Joint Commission referred to in section 83 of the Electricity Act, as the case may be;

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