Appointer definition

Appointer means a co-decision-maker appointer;
Appointer means a decision-making assistant appointer;
Appointer has the meaning set forth in Section 9.13.

Examples of Appointer in a sentence

  • An Alternate Director is entitled to receive notice of Board Meetings and, if the Appointer is not present at such a meeting, is entitled to attend and vote in his stead.

  • The original notification of appointment or removal must be provided by the Appointer to the Board.

  • Role Options : Beneficiary, Trustee, Settlor, Appointer, Company Owner, Director, Beneficial Owner For each person for whom you have answered yes to the above question, please complete the following: ROLE FIRST NAME LAST NAME ADDRESS Please siąn and date.

  • Exercise of power (2) The exercise of any power by an Alternate Director shall be an agent of the Company and not as an agent of the Appointer.

  • Should an OMC Member finish its OMC membership term or be resigned or removed by the Nominator or Appointer the OMC Member will only be replaced in case the nine OMC Member positions are not filled.

More Definitions of Appointer

Appointer is defined in Schedule F, Paragraph 1.2;
Appointer has the meaning set forth in Section 3.5(b).
Appointer means in respect of an Alternate Director the Director who appointed the Alternate Director under Article 23.1.
Appointer means in, respect of an alternate director, the director who appointed the alternate director under clause 25.1.
Appointer means the person(s), organisation(s), or department(s) from whom instructions are received.