Definition of Annual Development Plan

Annual Development Plan means, with respect to each Optimized Lead Compound and Development Candidate and Contract Year, the written plan for the Development Portions of this Exhibit were omitted and have been filed separately with the Secretary of the Commission pursuant to the Companys application requesting confidential treatment under Rule 406 of the Securities Act.

Examples of Annual Development Plan in a sentence

Each Annual Development Plan and Budget shall be proposed by the JDC for approval by the JEC.
After the Effective Date and during the term of this Agreement, neither Party nor any of its Affiliates shall, directly or through any Third Party, sponsor, conduct or cause to be conducted, otherwise assist in, supply any Product for use in connection with, or otherwise fund, any clinical trial or clinical study of any Product outside of the Global Development Plan or any Annual Development Plan, without the prior written consent of the other Party.
Scientists at ARCHEMIX and MERCK shall cooperate in the performance of each Development Program and, subject to the terms of this Agreement and any confidentiality obligations to Third Parties, shall exchange such data, information and materials as are reasonably necessary for the other Party to perform its obligations under any Annual Development Plan.
Without limiting the nature or frequency of any other amendments, modifications or updates to the Annual Development Plan, the Annual Development Plan shall be updated at least once prior to the end of each Contract Year to describe the Development activities to be carried out by each Party during the applicable Contract Year in conducting the Development Program pursuant to this Agreement.
Thereafter, the Lead Development Party shall submit on an annual basis an Annual Development Plan for each Product to the JRDC for its review, comment, and approval.