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  • Sub topic 1-2 Company Comments Ericsson Our understanding is that OBUE, ACLR, output power, spurious emissions and EVM are all included for the ALC condition as core requirements according to the previous agreement.

  • Probably they should all be tested, although for some it may be sufficient that they are tested in ALC condition only, not under the normal condition.

  • Solvista Health commits to working with the Advocates of Lake County (ALC) on their HUD-funded Coordinated Entry and Permanent Supportive Housing Project.Specifically, to support the project and its partners, Solvista Health commits to the provision of mental health and substance use disorder treatment and recovery services for all participants of ALC’s HUD-funded project who qualify for, and choose, our services.

  • Sooke Resident, spoke to Item No. 4.3 West Coast Road, inquiring about whether ALC contacts Council to discuss what is happening in the District.

  • Local laboratory results from samples that are also processed by the central laboratory should not be input into the eCRF with the exception of calcium, inorganic phosphorus, potassium, uric acid, creatinine and LDH, which should be entered through the lead-in period, and ALC (or % lymphocytes if ALC is not tested), ANC (or % neutrophils if ANC is not tested), WBC, platelets and hemoglobin which should be entered throughout the duration of the study.

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ALC means after last contact.
ALC means Aerospace Lighting Corporation, a New York corporation, and its successors.
ALC means an annual license charge which, in combination with the PLC, signifies the fee to be paid on a yearly basis following the first year of a combined PLC/ALC subscription license for the LMS software. ALC covers (i) the right to use the LMS software for the applicable annual period, and (ii) the maintenance and support services during that annual period, as a continuation of a PLC fee. The Customer may renew the subscription license indefinitely by ordering ALC and paying the ALC fee in yearly increments. If the Customer fails to order ALC prior to the expiration of any annual subscription term, such as PLC, the license to the LMS software terminates.