ALC definition

ALC means Assisted Living Concepts, Inc., a Nevada Corporation.
ALC is defined in the preamble.
ALC means Assisted Living Concepts, Inc., a corporation existing under the laws of Nevada;

Examples of ALC in a sentence

  • The following information is required to make ASAP withdrawals: (1) ASAP account number – the award number found on the cover sheet of the award; (2) Agency Location Code (ALC) – 31000001; and Region Code.

  • By signing this form the policyholder confirms that: • anyone included on the plan has agreed that the policyholder has their permission to act for them to set up this plan • the policyholder consents on behalf of those family members and themselves to ALC Health, its underwriters and its claims handlers using personal information in the ways described above.

  • If he does not fall within the purview of said act, he shall obtain a no objection certificate from ALC, Jalpaiguri to above effect.

  • If you are arranging this insurance via a broker the policyholder understands, acknowledges and agrees that ALC Health will pay commission to the broker at inception and renewal.

  • Master of fishing boat, duties of as to ALC (1) In this regulation —ALC fishing boat means a fishing boat in which an approved automatic location communicator has been installed in accordance with the approved directions.

More Definitions of ALC

ALC means after last contact.
ALC means Aerospace Lighting Corporation, a New York corporation, and its successors.
ALC means ‘automatic location communicator’ a near real-time satellite position fixing transmitter;
ALC means Automatic Location Communicator.
ALC means the Arkansas Lottery Commission as created by the Act.
ALC means an annual license charge which, in combination with the PLC, signifies the fee to be paid on a yearly basis following the first year of a combined PLC/ALC subscription license for the LMS software. ALC covers (i) the right to use the LMS software for the applicable annual period, and (ii) the maintenance and support services during that annual period, as a continuation of a PLC fee. The Customer may renew the subscription license indefinitely by ordering ALC and paying the ALC fee in yearly increments. If the Customer fails to order ALC prior to the expiration of any annual subscription term, such as PLC, the license to the LMS software terminates.