Aide definition

Aide means the individual designated to be responsible for helping the program leader in supervising children and in implementing the activities and services for children. Aides may also be referred to as assistant teachers or child care assistants.
Aide means a non-licensed caregiver who may, or may not, be a certified nursing assistant.
Aide means the person who provides homemaker activities.

Examples of Aide in a sentence

  • While some Aide Memoires were presented together with short 2-3 summaries translated into Tetun, this should have been done routinely to ensure that main findings and recommendations were fully understood by management and staff.• The supervision process, including managers accepted that the overall IP and DOs be consistently rated Satisfactory.

  • ADJOURNMENTPersons with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and who may need auxiliary aids of services such as interpreters for persons who are deaf or hearing impaired; readers; or large print or are requested to contact the Aide to the Court at 940-349- 2830 two (2) work days prior to the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

  • Given the language constraints, Aide Memoires or at least the Executive Summary should be translated into Tetun and/or Portuguese.• There should have been a Mid-term evaluation by the World Bank, as Trustee, of the interim achievements with a view to addressing emerging problems.

  • Standard Citation re: Supervision of Aide 3.§418.76 (h) Standard: Supervision of hospice aides L‐Tag: L629 A registered nurse must make an on‐site visit to the patient’s home: No less frequently than every 14 days to assess the quality of care and services provided by the hospice aid and to ensure that services ordered by the hospice interdisciplinary group meet the patient’s needs.

  • Home health aide services shall be provided by an individual who has completed a home health aide training program pursuant to R9-10-1103(D) or by an individual who is in good standing with the State Board of Nursing, Nurse Aide Register.

More Definitions of Aide

Aide means a person assigned to assist one or more individual pupil(s) with special needs on a school bus; also known as "attendant"
Aide means a person appointed as such who is wholly or substantially engaged in all or any of the following duties:
Aide means a nonlicensed caregiver who may or may not be a certified nursing assistant.
Aide means a school employee who works under the direct supervision of a licensed teacher in a school or district whose responsibilities include, but are not limited to, supporting the lesson plan of the licensed teacher, providing technical assist- ance to the teacher, helping with classroom control or manage- ment, and other duties as assigned. Aides may not serve as substi- tute teachers.
Aide means a person who is not licensed by the board who provides supportive services to occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants. An aide shall function under the guidance and responsibility of a licensed occupational therapist and is supervised by an occupational therapist or an occupational therapy assistant for specifically selected routine tasks for which the aide has been trained and has demonstrated competence. The aide shall comply with supervision requirements developed by the board that are consistent with prevailing professional standards;
Aide means an individual who provides supportive services to an occupational therapist and who is trained by an occupational therapist to perform, under appropriate supervision, delegated, selected client and nonclient-related tasks for which the aide has demonstrated competency. An occupational therapist licensed pursuant to this chapter may utilize the services of one aide engaged in patient- related tasks to assist the occupational therapist in his or her practice of occupational therapy.
Aide means a person who is not licensed by the