Ag definition

Ag means silver.
Ag means silver "Cu" means copper “Fe” means iron “Pb” mean lead
Ag means silver;

Examples of Ag in a sentence

  • Ag Marketing Update:• Social media: 575 Facebook page likes, 710 followers.

  • The group theoretical analysis predicts that 26 modes are possible in the case of tetragonal scheelite structured compounds in space group I41/a, which are distributed as irreducible representations [37-39]: Г = 3Ag + 5Bg + 5Eg + 5Au + 3Bu + 5Eu, of which the Ag, Bg and Eg vibrations are Raman active, whereas the Au, Bu and Eu vibrations are infrared active.

  • Human source material used in the preparation of R4 reagent (Positive Control) has been tested and found non-reactive for hepatitis B surface antigen (HBs Ag) and antibodies to Human Immunodeficiency Viruses (HIV-1 and HIV-2 Ab) and positive for anti-HCV antibodies.

  • S peci a l fo r m s a r e u sed w h e n delive r i n g p r i so n e r s un de r t h e I n t e r s t a t e Ag r ee m e n t o n De t a i n e r s Ac t .

  • The constants have values of 3.72*10–19 J and 0.62*10–19 J, for Ag and SiO2, respectively and the cutoff distance is D=0.2nm [44].

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Ag means silver; “Au” means gold; “Cu” means copper;
Ag means an air gap.
Ag means American Greetings Corporation and its subsidiaries and affiliates, including, but not limited to, Carlton Cards Limited and Papyrus-Recycled Greetings Canada Ltd.
Ag means (i) a stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft, AG) incorporated under German law and/or (ii) a limited partnership (Kommanditgesellschaft) with a stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft, AG) as general partner (Komplementär).
Ag means the People of the State of California, by and through the Attorney General Xxxx Xxxxxxx.
Ag means the chemical symbol for the element silver.
Ag means silver