AF definition

AF means an annualising factor equal to 254.
AF means air/fuel,
AF means air/fuel.

Examples of AF in a sentence

  • Request for Project Modification, defining each modified part of the original AF affected by the change;2.

  • For EF and AF is set to use more bandwidth in the BF Class will be divided into the class with the highest priority use.

  • Of India Enterprise), for the work of Infrastructure work of IAF sites under NFS project (Priority-II,package-I) at 794 SU AF at Laitikor Peak, Shillong, Meghalaya SH :-Providing and laying CC road , cable duct and temporary shed at entrance at NFS building 794SU,Shillong peak).

  • AF Pardini to CA Burke dated January 13, 2009, Letter Laura Sepich Performance Demonstration Test (PDT) Report.

  • But the AF is now approaching a crisis, as new light water reactors (LWRs) cannot be supplied until the DPRK comes back into compliance with its obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

More Definitions of AF

AF means Hermes Supplies Inc. and Afra Furniture. “Purchaser” shall mean the entity or any subsidiary or affiliate purchasing or receiving products from AF or the person, firm, corporation or other business entity that places an Order. “Order” shall mean purchase orders issued by Purchaser and accepted by AF. “Product” shall mean products specified in the contract. “Contract” shall mean commercial or pro forma invoice issued by AF to the Purchaser based on an Order.
AF equals The Administration Fee payable on a given Settlement Date or Termination Settlement Date, as applicable
AF means acre feet.
AF or “Air France” means Société Air France.
AF means acre foot and is the volume of water required to cover an acre to a depth of one foot (one AF is equivalent to 325,851 gallons).
AF has the meaning set forth in the Preamble hereto.