Aerosol definition

Aerosol means a solid suspended in air with or without preceding evaporation.
Aerosol means a dispersion or suspension of small solid or liquid particles or any combination thereof in the air or other gaseous medium.
Aerosol means a non-refillable receptacle made of metal, glass or plastics and containing a gas which is compressed, liquefied or dissolved under pressure, with or without a liquid, paste or powder, and fitted with a release device allowing the contents to be ejected as solid or liquid particles in suspension in a gas, as a foam, paste or powder or in a liquid state or a gaseous state;

Examples of Aerosol in a sentence

  • Preventive skin protection (barrier creams/ointments) is recommended.Respiratory protection Respiratory protection necessary at: Aerosol or mist formation.

  • Size distributions Aerosol volume size distributions and single scattering albedos in the total atmospheric column were retrieved from sun and sky radiance measurements according to Dubovik and King (2000).

  • This has enabled the hospice to continue to accept and care for patients requiring an Aerosol Generated procedure (AGP) throughout the pandemic.

  • Aerosol science returned to prominence in the last decade due to clear evidence of anthropogenic impacts and the important role of aerosols in the radiative forcing of climate.

  • Aerosol optical properties were derived from direct Sun and sky radiation measurements performed at the operational AERONET sites in the Pacific (Nauru, Lanai, Tahiti) and in the Atlantic (Bermuda, Ascension Island) (Plate 1).The island of Nauru (latitude 00°30′ S, longitude 166°54′ E) is situated in the tropical western Pacific Ocean.

More Definitions of Aerosol

Aerosol means a hazardous substance dispersed in a gas which can be dispensed from its container by means of a manually operated valve;
Aerosol means a product that is dispersed from its container by a propellent gas or liquid;
Aerosol means suspension of ultramicroscopic solid or liquid particles in air.
Aerosol means particulate matter suspended in air.
Aerosol means a material which is dispensed from its container as a mist, spray, or foam by a propellant under pressure.
Aerosol means a suspension in air of fine liquid or solid particles between 0.1 to 100 microns in size which is produced by blasts of heated air, or exhaust gas, or rapid volatilization of a liquefied gas or propellant, or
Aerosol means here fission products released to the atmosphere as solid or liquid suspensions in air via a carrier (e.g. CsI, NaOH etc.).