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AEF means the Alberta EnviroFuels facility;
AEF has the meaning specified in the introductory paragraph of this Agreement.

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L H O G V existLing Qlines will%be c*ut a&nd p¶asteVd to fit thIe sRmallUer foPrmaDt. W L‡ $ (Wh)en ·FTX AEF is used, only 50 characters may be used in each line.

Maximum fuel weight: 20,000 lb (9,072 kg) Payload - maximum fuel (A-E-F): 1,315 lb (596 kg) Maximum payload (D-E): 5,015 lb (2,275 kg) Fuel with maximum payload: 16,300 lb (7,394 kg) Bombardier Aerospace, Business Aircraft, 400 Côte-Vertu Road West, Dorval, Québec, Canada H4S 1Y9 In North America call 800-268-0030 • Elsewhere call 514-855-7698 • Performance is based on maximum takeoff/landing weight, sea level, standard day (ISA) conditions, unless otherwise noted.

The 17th trustee will be the current chairman-elect of the Society and the 18th trustee is appointed by the president of the AEF and serves a one-year term.

Applications and other material claiming confidentiality will be returned to the applicant unprocessed if these requirements are not met.Do not email confidential information.Include link for presentation from AEF Air Seminar 2019 -- Tracy R.

If these segments, when produced, met in a point G, a triangle GEF would be constructed, and this would be such that its exterior angle ^AEF would be equal to its internal opposite angle E^FG.

Let AB and CD be two segments cut by the third segment EF so as that ^AEF ^EFD.

Lubbock Texas T h e J ou rn a l o f E ntrepren eu rial F inance 6( 1) Copyright© 2001 by AEF- A cadem y o f Entrepreneurial Finance ISSN: 1057 -2287 All rights o f reproduction in any form is reserved.

Stallings, The Doughboys: The AEF in France (New York: Harper and Row, 1963).

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AEF means Apoyo Económico Familiar, S.A. de C.V., Sofom, E.N.R.
AEF has the meaning specified in the preamble to this Agreement.
AEF has the meaning set forth in Section 3.10(a).
AEF means aggregate external finance, which is central government revenue funding for LEAs comprising Revenue Support Grant, National Non-Domestic rates and certain specific grants;
AEF means the Alberta EnviroFuels facility; “AER” means the Alberta Energy Regulator; “AIF” means this Annual Information Form;
AEF means the Asia Education Foundation of the University as founded by the University and Education Services Australia (ABN 18 007 342 421).

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