Adjudicate definition

Adjudicate means to determine whether all program requirements have been met and whether the claim is payable.
Adjudicate means an insurer pays, contests, or denies a clean claim;
Adjudicate means an insurer's decision to deny or pay a claim,

Examples of Adjudicate in a sentence

  • A copy of all the material involved in the case (Academic Dishonesty Report Form and the Request for Instructor to Adjudicate Form) and a brief statement from the professor concerning the facts of the case and the course syllabus should be mailed to the Office of Judicial Affairs for inclusion in the student’s discipline record.

  • International Jurisdiction to Adjudicate in Internet Matters: With Emphasis on Multistate Cases on Adjudicatory Jurisdiction in U.S., 38 Fu Jen Law Review, 33-110 (2013).

  • The recitation that “Defendant violated the terms and conditions of community supervision “as set out in the State’s ORIGINAL Motion to Adjudicate Guilt as follows: See attached Motion to Adjudicate Guilt” is deleted and replaced with “Defendant violated conditions (a), (h), (j), (k), and (n) as alleged in the States’ October 2011 motion to adjudicate.”As REFORMED, the judgment is AFFIRMED.

  • Adjudicate on any disciplinary issues relating to members in accordance with the rules and the constitution of the Club.

  • As a result of the legal services rendered by Appellee, the Circuit Court for Montgomery County granted Appellee’s Motion to Adjudicate Rights in Connection with Attorney’s Lien.

More Definitions of Adjudicate

Adjudicate means to deny or pay a clean claim.
Adjudicate means to pay or reject a claim. A "clean claim" is a claim that can be processed without obtaining additional information from the provider of the service or from a third party. It includes a claim with errors originating in the Contractor’s claims processing computer system, and those originating from human errors. It does not include a claim under review for medical necessity, or a claim that is from a provider who is under investigation by a governmental agency or the Contractor for fraud or abuse. However, if under investigation by the Contractor, the Department must have prior notification of the investigation.
Adjudicate means the point at which a claim has reached its final disposition of paid or denied.
Adjudicate means the same as that term is defined by the District of Columbia Administrative Procedure Act, as codified at D.C. Official Code § 5-502.
Adjudicate means an insurer's decision to deny or pay a claim, in whole or in part, including the decision as to how much to pay.
Adjudicate means to deny or pay a claim for services or drugs prescribed to a member by a health care provider.
Adjudicate means to make a finding of whether a child committed a delinquent act.