Adjoining definition

Adjoining means having a common boundary for not less than fifty feet. Land areas may be adjoining although separated by a roadway or waterway.
Adjoining means contiguous to or in contact with.
Adjoining means two or more lots or parcels of land sharing a common boundary line, or two or more structures, buildings or objects in contact with each other. (Ord. 1971 § 2, 2005)

Examples of Adjoining in a sentence

  • Adjoining Areas: Avoid interference with use of adjoining areas or interruption of free passage to adjoining areas.

  • Adjoining Owners: Yes Site Notice Displayed: Yes Design and Conservation Panel (meeting of 21st March 2012 and 29th August 2012): Yes The minutes of both the Design and Conservation Meetings are attached to this report as Appendix 1.

  • Adjoining Documents Section A - Adjoining DocumentsMember fraternities must abide by these Bylaws and the following documents that are enacted by these Bylaws.

  • Adjoining to the northwest is a 169-acre farm under an agricultural easement.

  • The only advantage we see for this kind of representation is its proximity to a particular kind of feature structure implementation.We adopt an SGML markup for typed feature structures originally developed by the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) which is very compact and seems to be widely accepted, e.g. also in the Tree Adjoining Grammar community (Issac 1998).

More Definitions of Adjoining

Adjoining means contiguous, or contiguous except for aseparation by a river, stream, drain, canal, or other watercourse, or by a road, motorway, or railway: 25
Adjoining means any land (or owner of land) which abuts an application site or is separated from the site only by a pathway, driveway, right-of-way or similar thoroughfare (excluding a public road reserve).
Adjoining in this sense means, as a minimum:
Adjoining means all the adjoining property owners/occupiers which include the properties on the opposite side of a street or lane;
Adjoining. – means a piece of land that is next and joined with another, the common property line creates the adjoining border.
Adjoining means across from a street, highway, alley, railroad, or drainage channel or directly abutting.
Adjoining. , in relation to an area, means abutting or separated only by a public reserve, road, river, watercourse, or tidal or non-tidal water, or other like division. "alcohol" means ethanol, any liquid containing ethanol and any liquor within the meaning of the Liquor Act 2007 . "alcohol-free zone" means a zone operating under Part 4 of Chapter 16 as an alcohol-free zone. "amusement device" means an amusement device that is high risk plant within the meaning of clause 6 of Schedule 1 to the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 , and includes any other device that is declared by the regulations to be an amusement device for the purposes of this Act. "applicable filming protocol" , in relation to a council, is defined in section 119D. "approval" means an approval that is in force under this Act. "approved fee" means: