ACF definition

ACF means concerned Asst. Conservator of Forests of Kendu leaf Division who is also called as SDFO in-charge of K.L. Sub-Division
ACF means the Australian Calisthenic Federation Inc, the national governing body for calisthenics in Australia.

Examples of ACF in a sentence

  • This series has been modelled in several papers where it has been argued that shifts in the unconditional variance of an ARCH or GARCH model may induce the typical ACF of a long memory process (see, inter alia, Ding et al., 1996, Lobato and Savin (1998), and Mikosch and Starica, 2004).

  • Copies of the proposed collection of information can be obtained and comments may be forwarded by writing to the Administration for Children and Families, Office of Administration, Office of Information Services, 370 L’Enfant Promenade, SW., Washington, DC 20447, Attn: ACF Reports Clearance Officer.

  • Moreover, the Autocorrelation Function (ACF) denotes the MA (q), and the Partial Autocorrelation Function (PACF) determines the AR (p) lag orders.

  • Notably, Mr. Guers previously worked at both the ACF and the CCR, evidencing his extensive asbestos claims resolution experience which spans the last thirty or so years.

  • Because previous research on home visiting programs has found long-term impacts on child and family outcomes, ACF and HRSA want to continue collecting follow-up information from families participating in the study.

More Definitions of ACF

ACF means actual cubic feet.
ACF means access coordination fee.
ACF means as described in Article 19.4 of this Agreement.
ACF means ACF XxxXx I LP, as assignee of Keltic Financial Partners II, LP.
ACF has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.