Accrue definition

Accrue means the rate at which the benefits under this Plan are credited to a Participant. Benefits which Accrue under this Plan do not Vest in the employee except as provided in Section 3.3 and Articles VII and VIII hereof.
Accrue means the moment that a Club becomes liable to make a payment (or provide the benefit), irrespective of whether the payment is actually to be made or the benefit is actually to be provided immediately or at some point in the future.
Accrue means accrue. It's the time that the

Examples of Accrue in a sentence

This includes the right to:- Pay rises- Accrue holiday- Return to work4c.

I/we direct that the interest payments earned and payable to me/us: □ are to Accrue to my/our Deposit; OR □ are to be paid directly to me/us, the Depositor(s), as follows and on a similar frequency for the recipient charity(ies) named in my/our Letter of Direction: □ Semi-annually (June 30 & Dec.

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Accrue means ‘to increase’, to argument, to be added as increase, to arise or spring as a natural growth or result’. In order that income, profits or gains may accrue to a person it is necessary that he must have acquired a right to receive the same or a right to the income, profits or gains has become vested in him though its valuation may be postponed or though its materialization may depend on the contingency that the making up of the accounts would show income, profits or gains [E D Sasson& Co. Ltd. V CIT (1954) 26 ITR 27 (SC); CIT v. Shri Goverdhan Ltd. (1968) 69 ITR 675,680, 681 (SC)].
Accrue means to become entitled to pension rights in respect of employment while a member of a relevant scheme, including increases in accrued pension rights under that relevant scheme arising pursuant to increases in remuneration;
Accrue means to add the unpaid portion of the current obligation to any previously accumulated arrears.
Accrue means to become “due.” See BOUVIER’S LAW DICTIONARY 51 (1848). An action “accrues” when the plaintiff has a right “to commence a suit thereon.” Id.; see also BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY 18 (1st ed. 1891) (a right of action “accrues” when it “come[s] into force or existence”). A debt action could not “accrue” until there was
Accrue. 1) возникать (о праве) 2) расширяться (о праве) 3) нарас- тать, накапливаться (о процентах)
Accrue means the point at which a person becomes unconditionally entitled to an amount;