Definition of Accessways

Accessways means those parts of the Premises the use of which are necessary to obtain access to and egress from the Venue;

Accessways means the accessways shown for the purpose of identification only hatched brown and in part hatched purple on the Lease Plan

Examples of Accessways in a sentence

Accessways to and along the shoreline shall be sited, designed, and managed to avoid and/or protect marine mammal hauling grounds, seabird nesting and roosting sites, sensitive rocky points and intertidal areas, and coastal dunes.
An assessment of the design standards, including any areas of non-compliance are considered below: Design Standard 1: Accessways – Complies.
Accessways are required where lots within the development back up to public schools, greenways, parks, and open space areas.
Accessways are required when cul-de-sac roads back up to public schools, greenways, parks, or open space areas.
Accessways should be practical, attractive and easily maintainable.