Acceleration definition

Acceleration means, with respect to the amounts payable in respect of the Equipment Notes issued under any Indenture, such amounts becoming immediately due and payable by declaration or otherwise. “Accelerate”, “Accelerated” and “Accelerating” have meanings correlative to the foregoing.
Acceleration. Additional Certificates”, “American”, “American Bankruptcy Event”, “Certificate”, “Certificate Purchase Agreement”, “Class A Certificates”, “Class AA Cash Collateral Account”, “Class AA Certificateholders”, “Class AA Certificates”, “Class AA Trust”, “Class AA Trust Agreement”, “Class AA Trustee”, “Closing Date”, “Collection Account”, “Corporate Trust Office”, “Distribution Date”, “Dollars”, “Downgraded Facility”, “Equipment Notes”, “Fee Letter”, “Final Legal Distribution Date”, “Indenture”, “Interest Payment Date”, “Investment Earnings”, “Liquidity Facility”, “Loan Trustee”, “Long-Term Rating”, “Non-Extended Facility”, “Operative Agreements”, “Participation Agreements”, “Performing Equipment Note”, “Person”, “Pool Balance”, “Rating Agencies”, “Regular Distribution Date”, “Replacement Liquidity Facility”, “Responsible Officer”, “Series AA Equipment Notes”, “Scheduled Payment”, “Short-Term Rating”, “Special Payment”, “Stated Interest Rate”, “Subordination Agent”, “Taxes”, “Threshold Rating”, “Trust Agreement”, “Trustee”, “Underwriters”, “Underwriting Agreement” and “United States”.
Acceleration as defined in Subsection 9.1(e).

Examples of Acceleration in a sentence

  • Acceleration and Delays Ordered by the Procuring Entity’s Representative25.1. When the Procuring Entity wants the Contractor to finish before the Intended Completion Date, the Procuring Entity’s Representative will obtain priced proposals for achieving the necessary acceleration from the Contractor.

  • Crystal Mancilla requested this item be postponed pending the report from Lorie Vincent with Acceleration by Design.

  • This testing was conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a component of the Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx®) initiative.

  • Equitable Relief from the Effect of an Acceleration Clause in a Mortgage Allen K.

  • The GCA has developed a Technical Assistance Program (TAP) as a core implementation vehicle of the Africa Adaptation Acceleration Program (AAAP) to access and leverage climate adaptation finance.

More Definitions of Acceleration

Acceleration. The making of demand or declaration that any indebtedness, not otherwise due and payable, is due and payable. Derivations of the word "Acceleration" (such as "Accelerate") are used with like meaning in this Agreement.
Acceleration shall have the meaning given to such term in Section 6 of the Credit Agreement.
Acceleration as defined in subsection 9(e).
Acceleration. The acceleration of the maturity of the Term Assets after the occurrence of any default on the Term Assets other than a Payment Default.
Acceleration has the meaning specified in Section 8.02.
Acceleration means the Revolving Credit Agreement Obligations or any other Secured Obligations of any Secured Party having been declared (or become) due and payable in full in accordance with the applicable Debt Documents following the occurrence of an “event of default” (as defined in the applicable Debt Documents) or an analogous event by the Borrower and expiration of any applicable grace period with respect thereto.
Acceleration means that the Loan (i) shall not have been paid at the Maturity Date, or (ii) shall have become due and payable prior to the Maturity Date pursuant to Section 7.2.