Withhold Sample Clauses

Withhold. During each measurement year, FSSA will withhold a portion of the approved capitation payments from Contractor as follows: Year 1, 2017 – one point five eight percent (1.58%) Year 2, 2018 – one point seven seven percent (1.77%) Year 3, 2019 – one point seven seven percent (1.77%) Year 4, 2020 – one point seven seven percent (1.77%) Year 5, 2021 – one point seven seven percent (1.77%) Year 6, 2022 – three point nine four percent (3.94%) Capitation payments will be withheld separately for the Contractor’s Hoosier Healthwise line of business. Contractor shall be eligible to receive some or all of the withheld funds based on Contractor’s performance in the areas outlined in Section B.4.a of this Exhibit. Withhold payments will be calculated as set forth in Section B.4.a, of this Exhibit. The State reserves the right to adjust performance measures and targets in future Contract years. EXHIBIT 2.C CONTRACT COMPLIANCE AND PAY FOR OUTCOMES
Withhold. Payment In any case where a reasonable question of material, uncured non-performance by Contractor arises, payment may be withheld in whole or in part at the discretion of the Authorized User. Any amounts withheld will be directly related to the services not received.
Withhold. Withhold and deduct from future wages of Grantee (or from other amounts that may be due and owing to Grantee from the Company), or make other arrangements, including arrangements for the surrender of shares of the Company Common Stock previously owned by Grantee or surrender of shares of then vesting Restricted Stock in each case with a fair market value equal to the amount to be withheld, for the collection of, all amounts deemed necessary to satisfy any and all federal, state, and local withholding and employment-related tax requirements attributable to an award of Restricted Stock (including any taxes arising under Sections 409A or 4999 of the Code); or
Withhold. The Department will withhold 2.5 percent of each HMO’s monthly capitation payments (including administrative payments) for the P4P program. HMOs will be able to earn this withhold back by meeting quality performance targets for a specific set of measures, as described in the HMO P4P Guide for MY2015. Depending on the relative performance of each HMO, highest-performing HMOs may be eligible for a bonus of up to 2.5 percent of their capitation payments in addition to earning back their withhold. Please see the Guide for details.
Withhold. At the beginning of each year, both physicians and the HMO agree on a goal for the amount of services or the cost of services their patients will use. However, the HMO keeps a portion of this payment. At the end of the year, if physicians overspend or exceed this budgeted goal, the HMO keeps the amount of money it withheld. If physicians underspend or use fewer services than budgeted, the HMO gives the withheld amount of money back to the physicians.
Withhold. The Agency will withhold a portion of the approved capitation payments from Contractor within each Contract period in accordance with the 2% Withhold Payment Obligations table in the Special Contract Attachment section 3.1 applicable to the specific Contract term. The withheld amount shall be two percent (2%) of the monthly capitation payment. The Contractor will be eligible to receive some or all of the withheld funds based on the Contractor’s performance in the areas outlined in the applicable 2% Withhold Payment Obligations table. These performance standards require the Contractor to exceed the minimum performance standard required for Contract compliance and incentivize the Contractor to perform at a higher level in areas determined by the Agency to be critical for a successful program. The Contractor shall submit information to the Agency, in the format and timeframe specified by the Agency, with respect to each performance measure. Any data received after the required submission date will not be eligible for an incentive payment. Incentive payments will be payable in the form of release of funds withheld.
Withhold. Cost Element 1 - PM and planned activities Work - must be completed and documented by the date agreed by the Judicial Council and the Contractor. If not completed within the scheduled Work dates, then that activity will be disallowed by the Judicial Council and not paid.