Waiver of Statutory Information Rights Sample Clauses

  • Waiver of Statutory Information Rights. The Optionee acknowledges and agrees that, upon exercise of this option and until the first sale of the Companys Stock to the general public pursuant to a registration statement filed under the Securities Act, he or she will be deemed to have waived any rights the Optionee might otherwise have had under Section 220 of the Delaware General Corporation Law to inspect for any proper purpose and to make copies and extracts from the Companys stock ledger, a list of its stockholders and its other books and records or the books and records of any subsidiary. This waiver applies only in the Optionees capacity as a stockholder and does not affect any other inspection rights the Optionee may have under other law or pursuant to a written agreement with the Company.
  • Waiver of Statutory Information Rights. Each Shareholder who did not own Common Stock or Preferred Stock (as defined in the Original Agreement) as of August 1, 2010 (each, a Waiving Holder), agrees that the Company shall not be required to provide, and hereby waives such Waiving Holders right to receive, annual financial statements under Section 1554 of the Pennsylvania Business Corporation Law of 1988, as amended. This agreement and waiver shall be binding on each Waiving Holder and its respective successors, assigns and permitted transferees.
  • Waiver of Statutory Information Rights. Employee hereby waives any current or future rights Employee may have under Section 220 of the Delaware General Corporation Law (and similar rights under other applicable law) to inspect, or make copies and extracts from, the Company's stock ledger, any list of its stockholders, or any other books and records of the Company or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries, in Employee's capacity as a holder of stock, shares, units, options, or any other equity instrument.