WAC Sample Clauses

WAC. For any Distribution Date, interest that accrues on the notional component of the Class 2-X Certificate shall be deferred to the extent such interest is used to make principal distributions to other Classes or Certificates on such date. Such deferred interest shall not itself bear interest.
WAC. WAC" means wholesale acquisition cost for Products as reported by Connetics from time to time. It is understood that "WAC" is Connetics' price to wholesalers without regard to any prompt payment or other discounts, rebates, or chargebacks.
WAC. Weighted Average CouponThe average coupon rate of the mortgage loans underlying the listed Agency Security, weighted by the remaining principal balance of such mortgage loans. The following tables sets forth certain information regarding the geographic distribution of the mortgaged properties underlying the Agency Securities (on an aggregated basis). Percent of Percent of Number of Underlying Aggregate Aggregate State Mortgage Loans Mortgage Loans Principal Balance Principal Balance [State] [number] [ %] [$ ] [ %]
WAC. The portion of this project funded with this funding distribution comes from non-federal source and are not subject to Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) and Single Audit Act (SAA). However, this project is subject to the federal requirements outlined in Section 4 and 5 of agreement terms and conditions. Approved State Indirect Rate: 30% 0% No No Is this Funding Distribution used to match a federal grant? No Effective Interest Rate: 1.2% Interest Rate: 0.9% Admin Charge: 0.3% Terms: 20 years Project Start Date: 01/17/2020 Project Completion Date: 04/30/2022 Estimated Initiation of Operation date: Loan Security: Final Accrued Interest: Final Loan Amount: Repayment Schedule Number: 12/31/2021 Revenue Secure Lien Obligation of the Recipient $ $ 292 SRF Loan Task Total Grant and Loan Administration $ 0.00 Project Design $ 241,600.00 Project Construction $ 1,549,781.00 Construction Management $ 590,700.00 Total: $ 2,382,081.00 Funding Distribution Summary Recipient / Ecology Share Funding Distribution Name Recipient Match % Recipient Share Ecology Share Total SRF Loan 0.00 % $ 0.00 $ 2,382,081.00 $ 2,382,081.00 SRF Forgivable Principal 0.00 % $ 0.00 $ 241,600.00 $ 241,600.00 Total $ 0.00 $ 2,623,681.00 $ 2,623,681.00 AGREEMENT SPECIFIC TERMS AND CONDITIONS N/A
WAC. (1) -------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- Totals Totals -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------