VISIT Sample Clauses

VISIT. 4.1 ETH Zurich agrees to the Visit of Visitor at ETH Zur- ich within the provisions of this agreement. The hosting unit of ETH Zurich may suspend the Visitor's stay at any time without cause. If the Visitor's stay is suspended or the agreement is terminated in accordance with Section 8.2, the Visitor shall return the keys and items provided by ETH Zurich and delete the closed-source software received via ETH Zurich and loaded on devices owned by the Visitor and/or his/her Organization.
VISIT. Representatives of the Bank shall be entitled to attend at the Borrower’s business premises and to view all financial and other records of the Borrower at any time, on reasonable notice.
VISIT. The Service Provider may inspect the premises, occupied by the Recipient, after prior notification to the Recipient at least 24 hours in advance. Ten months prior to the termination of the Agreement, for any reason whatsoever, or if the entire building or part of the building is offered for sale as well as upon cancellation under article 4 of the Agreement, the Recipient shall allow the display/affixing of clearly visible posters. The recipient shall allow candidates, contractors, prospective recipients or prospective buyers to view the Infrastructure on two half-days during the week, from 9.00 a.m. until 11.00 a.m. and from 2.00 p.m. until 4.00 p.m., to be further determined in mutual consultation. The visitors shall be announced in due time and can only be allowed access to the laboratories with the explicit permission and under supervision of the authorised persons of the Recipient, who will not refuse such permission and supervision on unreasonable grounds.
VISIT. Authorizations for visits by representatives of one Party to facilities of the other Party where access to CMI is required shall be limited to those necessary for official purposes. Authorization to visit a facility that is located in the territory of the country of one Party shall be granted only by the Party. The visited Party shall be responsible for advising the facility of the proposed visit, the topic, the scope, and highest level of CMI that may be furnished to the visitor. Requests for visits by representatives of the Parties shall be submitted by the relevant Competent Authority of the visiting Party to the relevant Competent Authority of the visited Party.
VISIT. Electrical work external to the Goods (i.e. defective external cables, line conditioners, transformers, etc.). Operating supplies or accessories including media such as tapes and disk packs, paint or refinishing or furnished materials for this purpose.
VISIT. LanzaTech HK shall have the right, and JV-Company shall ensure that under any Sublicense Agreement JV-Company shall have the right which it will exercise on LanzaTech HK’s direction, upon reasonable notice to JV-Company or Sublicensee and subject to no harm to the interests of JV-Company or Sublicensee (as the case may be), for LanzaTech HK to ​ visit the relevant site (i) to verify compliance with the provisions of this Section 11; and/or (ii) to familiarize potential customers of LanzaTech HK with the Licensed Subject Matter at the site. In connection therewith, LanzaTech HK agrees to comply with, and to ensure that any potential customer complies with, JV-Company’s or Sublicensee’s reasonable visitor policies as relevant.
VISIT. A specific date for which a Federal health care program beneficiary received services from Xxxxxx.
VISIT. Visitor agrees that Visitor may only attend Wi-Fi Alliance meetings specifically described in the list attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit A (“Allowed Meetings”). Visitor agrees that the terms of this Agreement will apply even if Exhibit A has not been completed. Wi-Fi Alliance may at any time restrict Visitor's access to any Wi-Fi Alliance meeting even if Exhibit A has been completed.