USDA Sample Clauses

USDA. As to each product subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (“USDA”) that is manufactured, packaged, labeled, tested, distributed, sold, and/or marketed by the Company or any of its Subsidiaries (each such product, a “Regulated Product”), such Regulated Product is being manufactured, packaged, labeled, tested, distributed, sold and/or marketed by the Company in compliance with all applicable requirements under applicable USDA and similar laws, rules and regulations relating to registration, premarket clearance, licensure, or application approval, product listing, quotas, labeling, advertising, record keeping and filing of reports, except where the failure to be in compliance would not have a Material Adverse Effect. There is no pending, completed or, to the Company's knowledge, threatened, action (including any lawsuit, arbitration, or legal or administrative or regulatory proceeding, charge, complaint, or investigation) against the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, and none of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries has received any notice, warning letter or other written communication from the USDA or any other applicable governmental entity, which (i) contests the premarket clearance, licensure, registration, or approval of, the uses of, the distribution of, the manufacturing or packaging of, the testing of, the sale of, or the labeling and promotion of any Regulated Product, (ii) withdraws its approval of, requests the recall, suspension, or seizure of, or withdraws or orders the withdrawal of advertising or sales promotional materials relating to, any Regulated Product, (iii) enjoins production at any facility of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, (iv) enters or proposes to enter into a consent decree of permanent injunction with the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, or (v) otherwise alleges any violation of any laws, rules or regulations by the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, and which, either individually or in the aggregate, would have a Material Adverse Effect. The properties, business and operations of the Company are being conducted in all material respects in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the USDA. The Company has not been informed by the USDA that the USDA will prohibit the marketing, sale, license or use in the United States of any product produced or marketed by the Company nor has the USDA expressed any concern to the Company as t...
USDA. Engineering of Biosystems for the Detection of L. monocytogenes in Foods (3/1/00 to 2/28/08) (renewal through 2/28/10, pending). Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, PI; Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxx Xxxxx, Xxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx (Col’s) (Purdue).
USDA. A parcel of land located at 3601 Mackinac Trail, Sault Ste. Marie, MI. T47 N, R1W Section 24. This parcel contains 1.25 acres and is more fully described in Liber 713 Page 497 Chippewa County.
USDA. The term “USDA” shall mean the United States Department of Agriculture.
USDA. A transition program is underway by USDA/ICD in Georgia. Previous project activity provides opportunities for ADA to build upon progress made, especially in developing meat slaughterhouses and dairy processing in several regional locations. The new focus of USDA’s program will most likely include assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture in seed and plant material certification and multiplication, quality assurance capabilities and veterinary inspection services, which complements ADA.
USDA. This Authorization and Loan Agreement and amendments constitute the Loan Agreement between Lender and Borrower. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Borrower: Xxxx Security International, Inc. Date duly authorized representative -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guarantor: Xxx X. Xxxxxxxx Date FIRST AMENDMENT TO TERM NOTE This First Amendment to the Commercial Term Promissory Note described below is made as of the ___ day of February, 1998 by and between XXXX SECURITY INTERNATIONAL INC., whose principal place of business is located at 000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Bennington, Vermont 05201 (the "Borrower"), and FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF NEW ENGLAND, a banking corporation with a usual place of business at Xxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxx (the "Lender"). Reference is made to a certain Commercial Term Promissory Note given by Borrower to Lender in the original principal amount of $800,000.00, dated September 25, 1997 (the "Note"). The U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Business Cooperative Service ("RBS") is prepared to issue a guaranty to Lender for a portion of the loan evidenced by the Note, and the Borrower and the Lender desire to amend the terms of the Note in certain respects, as hereinafter described. In furtherance of the foregoing and for mutual consideration received and acknowledged, the parties hereto agree as follows:

Related to USDA

  • Training and Education [REGIONAL ENTITY] may provide training and education to Registered Entities, as it deems necessary, in support of its performance of delegated functions and related activities under this Agreement. NERC may also provide training and education programs to Registered Entities on topics relating to NERC’s responsibilities as the ERO.

  • Alcohol and Drug Testing Employee agrees to comply with and submit to any Company program or policy for testing for alcohol abuse or use of drugs and, in the absence of such a program or policy, to submit to such testing as may be required by Company and administered in accordance with applicable law and regulations.

  • Board of Education If the grievant is not satisfied with the disposition made by the superintendent, or if no disposition has been made within the above-stated time limits, then the grievant shall complete Grievance Report Form, Step III within seven (7) school days after receiving the disposition of the superintendent or his/her designee or after the above-stated time limits have expired, and submit the grievance to the Board by filing a copy with the President of the Board and the superintendent or, upon mutual written agreement of the Board and the Association, to arbitration before an impartial arbitrator as hereinafter provided. If the grievance is submitted to the Board, the Board at its next regularly-scheduled meeting, or subsequent meeting as agreed by the grievant, shall meet with the grievant, the Association representative, and the superintendent and/or his/her designee, to review such grievance in executive session or give such grievance the consideration as it shall deem appropriate. The disposition by the Board shall be made to the grievant by completing Grievance Report Form, Step III, within seven (7) days of the meeting. A notification of such disposition shall be furnished the grievant, the Association, and the immediate supervisor.

  • Quality Assurance The parties endorse the underlying principles of the Company’s Quality Management System, which seeks to ensure that its services are provided in a manner which best conforms to the requirements of the contract with its customer. This requires the Company to establish and maintain, implement, train and continuously improve its procedures and processes, and the employees to follow the procedures, document their compliance and participate in the improvement process. In particular, this will require employees to regularly and reliably fill out documentation and checklists to signify that work has been carried out in accordance with the customer’s specific requirements. Where necessary, training will be provided in these activities.

  • Quality Assurance Program An employee shall be entitled to leave of absence without loss of earnings from her or his regularly scheduled working hours for the purpose of writing examinations required by the College of Nurses of Ontario arising out of the Quality Assurance Program.

  • Prescription Safety Glasses Prescription safety glasses will be furnished by the employer. The employer retains the authority to establish reasonable rules and procedures regarding frequency of issue, replacement of damaged glasses, limits on reimbursement costs and coordination with the employer’s vision plan.

  • Prescription Drugs The agreement may impose a variety of limits affecting the scope or duration of benefits that are not expressed numerically. An example of these types of treatments limit is preauthorization. Preauthorization is applied to behavioral health services in the same way as medical benefits. The only exception is except where clinically appropriate standards of care may permit a difference. Mental disorders are covered under Section A. Mental Health Services. Substance use disorders are covered under Section

  • Substance Abuse Policy 6.6.1. Labor and Management are committed to providing employees with a drug-free and alcohol-free workplace. It is the goal to protect the health and safety of employees and to promote a productive workplace, and protect the reputation of Labor and Management and the employees.

  • Prescription Drug Plan Effective July 1, 2011, retail and mail order prescription drug copays for bargaining unit employees shall be as follows: Type of Drug Prescriptions for 1-45 Days (1 copay) Prescriptions for 46-90 Days (2 copays) Generic drug $10 $20 Preferred brand name drug $25 $50 Non-preferred brand name drug $40 $80 Effective July 1, 2011, for each plan year the Prescription Drug annual out-of- pocket copay maximum shall be $1,000 for individual coverage and $1,500 for employee and spouse, employee and child, or employee and family coverage.