Trustee Fee Sample Clauses

Trustee Fee. The Trustee Fee (including local custodian fee but excluding foreign sub-custodian fees and charges) is charged to the Fund based on the Fund’s NAV. The Trustee Fee shall be accrued daily and paid monthly. The Trustee Fee is up to 0.03% per annum for the Fund. Below is an illustration on how the Trustee Fee is calculated, assuming the NAV of the Fund is USD 150 million:- Trustee Fee for the day=NAV of the Fund x annual Trustee Fee rate for the Fund (%) / 365 days =USD 150 million x 0.03% per annum / 365 days =USD 123.28Note: In the event of a leap year, the computation will be based on 366 calendar days.
Trustee Fee. In consideration of the undertaking and performance by the Receivables Trustee of its fiduciary duties hereunder the Beneficiaries shall pay to the Receivables Trustee a fee of (pound)5,000 per annum (the "TRUSTEE FEE"). The said fee shall be payable in 12 equal instalments on each Transfer Date commencing with the first Transfer Date and, for the purposes of the Relevant Documents, the amount so payable on any Transfer Date shall be included in the Aggregate Trustee Payment amount for the Transfer Date in question.
Trustee Fee. The Trustee shall be entitled to receive the Trustee Fee (which shall not be limited by any provision of law in regard to the compensation of a trustee of an express trust), for all services rendered by it in the execution of the trust created by this Trust Agreement and in the exercise and performance of any of the powers and duties under this Trust Agreement of the Trustee. No provision of this Trust Agreement or of the Certificates shall require the Trustee to expend or risk its own funds or otherwise incur any financial liability in the performance of any of its duties hereunder or thereunder, or in the exercise of any of its rights or powers, if it shall have reasonable grounds for believing that repayment of such funds or adequate indemnity against such risk or liability is not reasonably assured to it.
Trustee Fee. The Issuer will not increase the amount of compensation payable to the Trustee (including in its capacity as Agent), the Collateral Trustee, the Securities Intermediary and the Depositary Bank without the prior written consent of the Required Noteholders (which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld).
Trustee Fee. In accordance with the Deeds, the Trustee is entitled to a maximum fee of up to 0.06% per annum, calculated daily based on the NAV of the Fund. For the six months financial period ended 28 February 2021, the Trustee fee was recognised at a rate of 0.06% per annum (29.02.2020: 0.06% per annum). There was no further liability to the Trustee in respect of Trustee fee other than the amount recognised above.
Trustee Fee. In accordance with the Deed, the Trustee is entitled to an annual fee at a rate not exceeding 0.10% per annum on the NAV of the Fund, exclusive of foreign custodian fees. For the financial period from 26 February 2019 (date of launch) to 31 January 2020, the Trustee fee is recognised at a rate of 0.04% per annum on the NAV of the Fund, exclusive of foreign custodian fees and charges, calculated on a daily basis as stated in the Fund’s Prospectus. There will be no further liability to the Trustee in respect of Trustee fee other than the amounts recognised above.
Trustee Fee. (a) The Industrial Development Board of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County (The Park at Hermitage Apartments) $4,000 See definition of Trustee’s Annual Fee in Indenture Semi-annually payable in advance on each May 15 and November 15
Trustee Fee. The Trustee of the Trust will receive a monthly trustee fee from the Trust at a rate not exceeding 1% per annum of total asset value (excluding value added tax, specific business tax or any other similar tax), but not less than Baht 20 million per year.