TRUE Sample Clauses

TRUE. An honest salesperson would never rush you to sign anything without giving you time to review what you are signing. • California law requires that a salesperson show you the contract terms before you sign.
TRUE. (2) False
TRUE. The representations and warranties contained in Article II hereof, the Schedules and in all certificates and other documents delivered and to be delivered by the Company and USD pursuant hereto or in connection with the transactions contemplated hereby shall be true, complete and accurate in all material respects as of the date when made and at and as of the Closing Date as though such representations and warranties were made at and as of such date, except for changes expressly permitted or contemplated by the terms of this Agreement and except for representations expressly made as of a particular date.
TRUE. And is not this full proof that you are conscious you are wrong? tfor if your cause is good, why not go to God with it? If you are right in opposing those means, which are, in their nature, calculated to spread the gospel and a knowledge of religious truth, it certainly would be right to pray to God to stop it, and to bless the feeble exertions which you are making against its spread. Yea, I do insist, my brother, the very first step towards consistency on the part of those ministers who are opposed to the missionary cause, is to quit preaching themselves, because every gospel sermon is a missionary eRort. fle next step towards consistency, would be to quit praying for the spread of the gospel, for every sincere prayer is an eRort in the missionary cause. And the third and last step to be completely consistent, would be to pray against it; for our preaching and praying surely ought always to correspond.
TRUE. False 否 You are a citizen of a country other than the United States. 您是除美国以外的其它国家的公民。
TRUE. In Coq, the one-object type is called True (this should not be confused with the object true of bool), and its one and only object is called I. > Print True.
TRUE. False If the "False" box is checked, the undersigned will, as of the closing, have shareholders or partners, all of whose names and addresses are set forth on the list provided in Attachment D hereto.