Tonnes Sample Clauses

Tonnes. 10.25.7 Poop (Hauling Speed) 15 Meters/Minute
Tonnes. 2.2.2 Allocation of total Kinneil Raw Gas mass (dry) flared upstream of the Kerse of Kinneil approved meters but excluding Cruden Bay flare mass (dry), based on the ratio of User's mass (dry) to the total mass (dry) of all Users entering upstream of the Kerse of Kinneil approved meters. Field A's share = 42.8 x 410594 2006594 = 29.2 Tonnes Field B's share = 142.8 x 182712.8 2006594 = 13.0 Tonnes
Tonnes. 10.22.7 Forecastle (Hauling Speed) 15 Meters/Minute
Tonnes. 2.2 Calculation of User Kinneil mass (dry) (from Paragraph 3.5)
Tonnes. 10.13.1 Mooring Ropes (On Drums) Aft Main Deck (Number) 2
Tonnes. 2.2.3 Allocation of system difference based on the ratios as in A.2.2.1 and A.2.2.2 herein: Field A's share = -34.8 x 410594 2006594 = -7.1 Tonnes Field B's share = -34.8 x 182712.8 2006594 = 3.2 Tonnes Field C's share = -34.8 x 1413287.2 2006594 = -24.5 Tonnes
Tonnes. Therefore, do not overload the vehicle with unnecessary luggage and do not put obstructions in the aisles or at a height at the rear of the vehicle that will restrict the view of the driver. Similarly, passengers must not unnecessarily distract the driver or take his/her attention away from controlling the vehicle. Seats can only be removed with prior permission from a member of EDCT LTD staff. The vehicle must not be used to carry goods or materials except personal luggage, which must not be placed in the gangway or, obstruct any doorways or exits. Personal property is the responsibility of the individual/group and is not covered by our insurance. The bus must not be used for commercial or personal purposes. Those who book it out for personal use are not insured and are breaking the Law as well as jeopardising our licence. It must only be used by the registered membership group for the group’s activities. No flammable or other dangerous substances should be carried. Diesel fuel must not be carried in the vehicle. All EDCT LTD vehicles are checked for cleanliness, safe operation and roadworthiness on a regular and scheduled basis. However, it is the responsibility of the driver, prior to embarking on a journey, to check that the windows are clean and uncracked, there is sufficient windscreen washer water in the washer bottle, the lights are all working correctly, there is at least ¼ of a tank of fuel, sufficient oil (between minimum and maximum) showing on the oil dipstick and water coolant. A bodywork and tyre check must also be undertaken and any scratches or damage noted as a damage trail will end at the group who used the vehicle prior to the damage being logged. The driver must ensure that the log sheet and checklists within the Driver’s pack given out when collecting keys are accurately and fully completed every time the vehicle is used, and all accidents, damage, faults and breakdown must be reported as directed in the Driver’s File which is kept in the vehicle. Insurance and breakdown details are held in this file. Drivers must not use a mobile telephone while driving the vehicles. If prosecuted a fine of up to £2000 could be incurred. We operate on a Section 19 licence meaning that drivers must not drop off or collect passengers at bus stops. Please find a suitable, safe place to stop the minibus. Vehicles must be collected and returned within the times made whilst booking unless agreed with booking staff. Please ensure you book the vehicle for th...
Tonnes. 10.55 What is the distance between bow fairleads and nearest bitts? 1600 Millimeters
Tonnes. 10.24.7 Aft Main Deck (Hauling Speed) 15 Meters/Minute 10.25.1 Poop (Number) 5 Chapter 10 33/73 Vessel Particulars Questionnaire for Sunshine State IMO: 9408114