Telecopy Sample Clauses

Telecopy. Buyer and Seller both agree that receipt of a signed Agreement by telecopy (FAX) will be the same as receipt of an original signed Agreement.
Telecopy. This Agreement and the signatures thereto may be transmitted via telecopy.
Telecopy. This Agreement may be executed and delivered by telecopy and a telecopy counterpart of this Agreement executed by any party shall constitute, for all purposes, an original document; any party executing this Agreement by telecopy agrees promptly to deliver an executed counterpart of this Agreement but the failure of such party to deliver or of any other party to account for or produce such counterpart shall not affect the binding and enforceable nature of the telecopy counterpart and the telecopy counterpart shall continue to be an original, binding agreement.
Telecopy. A telecopy or facsimile of a duly executed counterpart of this Amendment shall be sufficient evidence of the binding agreement of the terms of this Amendment, provided, however, any signatory to such telecopy facsimile counterpart of this Amendment shall promptly thereafter deliver an original executed counterpart copy of this Amendment to the other party to this Amendment.
Telecopy. With a copy to: Duval, Funderburk, Sundbery, Lovell, Reeves & Watkins 101 Wilson Avenue Houma, Louisiana 70361 Attention: Sidney C. Sundbery Telecopy: (504) 851-1490
Telecopy. The Borrower or the Bank may, by written notice to the other as provided herein, designate another address or number for purposes hereunder. All notices and other communications given to any party hereto in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement shall be deemed to have been given on the date of receipt if delivered by hand or overnight courier service or sent by telecopy or on the date five (5) Business Days after dispatch by certified or registered mail if mailed (or, if sooner, on the date of actual receipt), in each case delivered, sent or mailed (properly addressed) to such party as provided in this Section 8(c) or in accordance with the latest unrevoked direction from such party given in accordance with this Section 8(c).
Telecopy. (816) 391-2083 Such notice, instruction or other instrument shall be deemed to have been served upon actual receipt.
Telecopy. (704) 409-0027
Telecopy. Tax ID No.: ---------------------