Specified Event Sample Clauses

Specified Event. Specified Event" shall mean any unsolicited tender or exchange offer commenced by a Person (other than Shareholder or its Controlled Affiliates or any Group of which Shareholder or any such Controlled Affiliate is a member) for Voting Securities representing more of the Total Voting Power of the Company than the amount beneficially owned by Shareholder (but in any event for Voting Securities representing not less than twenty percent (20%) of the Total Voting Power of the Company), or an unsolicited proxy or consent solicitation by any such Person in order to replace at least a majority of the Continuing Directors, or any unsolicited tender or exchange offer for voting securities representing at least twenty percent (20%) of the Total Voting power of any material subsidiary of the Company.
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Specified Event. (a) From and after the occurrence, in the determination of the Reserve Bank, of any Specified Event (as defined below) with respect to any Item of MMLF Collateral under the MMLF, the Reserve Bank shall have the right to demand, and Treasury irrevocably agrees to pay from the MMLF Fund and the other MMLF Fund Assets (or to otherwise have deducted from the amounts payable to Treasury under Section 2.5 below), a credit support amount with respect to such Item of MMLF Collateral as determined in accordance with Section 2.4 below, to the extent such amounts do not exceed, in the aggregate, the Credit Support Amount together with any amounts payable to Treasury under Section 2.5 below.
Specified Event. (i) At all times after the Sixth Amendment Effective Date, the Loan Parties shall engage and retain Investment Bank, on terms approved by the Administrative Agent, to, among other things, assist with a Specified Event.
Specified Event. In addition to the tariffs and charges payable under this Service Agreement, the User shall pay to the Owners an amount as reflected in any Specified Event pursuant to clause 5.3(c) of the Access Arrangement.36
Specified Event. The Contractor acknowledges that the Principal’s agreement to make the Monthly Services Payment is subject to the Contractor operating and maintaining the Facility, and providing the Services, in such a way as to avoid the occurrence of any Specified Event. A Specified Event shall occur if the Contractor fails to comply with a KPI specified in section 3.2.1 of this Schedule. Operation and Maintenance of the Young Adults Facility – Schedule 1Service Requirements
Specified Event. 16.1(b) Station Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.1.13 Station . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Specified Event. No Specified Event shall have occurred.
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Specified Event. (i) an Event of Default under Sections 11.1(a), 11.1(c) but solely to the extent of a violation of Section 10.3, or 11.1(j) or (ii) the acceleration of the Obligations.
Specified Event. The occurrence of any Specified Event.
Specified Event. 18.1(b) Stations.............................................................
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