Specialty Sample Clauses

Specialty. DENTIST shall mean a dentist licensed by the State Board of Dentistry of the State of Texas who is trained to practice in a dental specialty and is under contract to ORAQUEST to provide those specialty services to a Member of ORAQUEST. Services by a Specialty Dentist are covered benefits only if authorized by a Family Dentist and/or ORAQUEST.
Specialty. Installation and service of Lockers, Toilet Partitions, Metal Shelving, Metal Shower Stalls and Metal Pan Ceilings.
Specialty. Out of Town Meal Allowance Employees on "out- assignments who do not receive a per diem allowance (Article 11.2.3) shall receive a meal allowance for each meal to which the employees are entitled under the provisions of Article on the following basis: Breakfast Lunch Dinner Subsequent Provided however that no such compensation shall be paid when such employee is furnished with a suitable hot meal. Per Diems Employees on assignments which require overnight accommodation shall receive a per diem allowance of seventy five dollars ($75)to cover the cost of meals and incidental expenses for each completed (24) hour period. Where meals are supplied, the cost of the per diem allowance shall be reduced by the cost of each adequate meal so supplied at the following rates to a maximum of ($75)dollars. Breakfast Lunch Dinner Subsequent SPECIALTY- Where exceptional conditions require higher per diems than those contained herein, the Company will provide an additional amount based on conditions and will deduct accordingly for any meals supplied. Accommodations Employees requiring overnight accommodation shall receive single occupancy first class accommodation equivalent to AAA or Standards at the Company's expense. Allowable Travel Expenses Per diem allowances shall be in addition to following allowable expenses: The cost of economy or charter air transportation, rail transportation (chair or parlour car seat) or mid range cost of rental automobile transportation. The cost of taxis and airport limousine service between and the airport, bus station or train station when departing or arriving back from the assignment. The cost of transportation when not supplied from the hotel to the work site and back. All travel arrangements will be made by the Company unless employees are expressly instructed to make their own arrangements; The cost of vehicles for the transport of equipment; The cost of extra assistance in handling equipment; SPECIALTY
Specialty. Mastery of craft in all relevant aspects of the department Technical knowledge Problem solving skills Good role model Ability to evolve and grow Good work ethic Positive attitude Good motivator Good attendance record Ability and willingness to train Strong interpersonal skills Creativity No Penalty Employees required to perform in a job classification different from their regular classification and for which they have not received adequate training will not be penalized for errors committed during such performance. Relocation No employee shall be transferred by the Company to another city to work without the consent of I the employee. The Company shall pay all transportation and moving costs for the employee and the employee's family. I Dismissals, Demotions and Suspensions The discharge, demotion or the discipline of an employee with seniority and the discipline of a probationary employee shall be for just and sufficient cause and the discharge of a probationary employee shall be for reasonable cause. The employee shall be informed of SPECIALTY the Company's decision to discharge, demote, suspend or discipline by notice in writing and not otherwise. The decision set forth in such notice may be subject to the grievance procedure as set out in Article of this Agreement. An employee who is discharged for other than gross misconduct, shall be given two (2) weeks pay in lieu of further notice. Access to Files Employees shall have access to their personnel files during normal office hours once every six (6) months, or earlier in the event of a grievance. Layoffs In the event of a lay-off within a functional group, all part-time, temporary and freelance employees shall be prior to any full-time employees. When layoffs of employees are to be made, such layoffs shall proceed in inverse order of seniority within the functional group, provided that no employee is to be displaced by a more senior employee unless the latter possesses the occupational qualifications of the job filled by the employee with less seniority. Bumping An employee about to be laid off from one functional group who has the occupational qualifications in another functional group, may apply seniority as defined in Article (Seniority) of this Agreement, and transfer laterally or revert to such other group. An employee who has transferred laterally, or reverted to another group under Article and whose
Specialty the one time cost of modifications necessary to a motor vehicle utilized by the employee to make the vehicle accessible or drivable for the employee. Employees- Part-time and freelance employees will be eligible to receive short- term disability benefits equal to seventy percent (70%) of the regular weekly earnings (as defined by the insurer) up to a maximum of five hundred dollars ($500) per week, for a maximum of twenty-six (26) weeks. The plan will also pay for reasonable and customary medical expenses incurred which are in excess of the provincial plan up to a maximum of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000). Employees injured while working for an outside organization (other than for or assigned by the Company) will not be entitled to sick leave benefits under Article Travel and War Zone Coverage Business Travel Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance The Company will provide coverage during travel and sojourn while on business as assigned by Inc. provided you are traveling to and from a point or points away from the premises of Inc. This coverage is not valid in a designated war zone. Benefit is up to and is based on Schedule of I Losses. Coverage terminates upon the earlier of or attainment of age SPECIALTY- War Risk Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance The Company will provide replacement coverage for injury or death which is sustained while traveling to and working in (as assigned by the Company) a designated War Zone. Benefit is up to and is based on Schedule of Losses. Coverage terminates upon the earlier of or attainment of age War Risk coverage replaces the above noted coverages of Occupational and Business Travel which are not valid in a designated war zone. Disability Coverage as a Result of Travel- A full- time employee who is injured while on duty, travelling on business for the Company or commuting to and from the employee's place of employment; who is unable to his own occupation as a result of the employee's injuries, will receive full pay from the Company for a period of one hundred and eighty two 82) days. Satisfactory medical evidence supporting the disability will be required in accordance to It is agreed that an employee will submit to a medical examination by a qualified practitioner when requested by the Company, at the Company's time and expense. SPECIALTY A full-time employee who is injured while on duty, travelling on business for the Company or commuting to and from the employee's place of employment is disabled beyond...
Specialty. Any notice pertaining to the application or agreed interpretation of this Agreement The Company will furnish, upon request by the Union, two (2) copies of seniority records and wage information for negotiating purposes. Information Package for new employees A new employee shall be provided with a copy of the Employee Benefit Programs, the Collective Agreement and a written statement from the Company indicating the employee's rate of pay, classification and any other special commitments agreed to by the Company. Union Access to Premises Representatives of the Union shall have reasonable access to the Company's premises to carry on inspections or investigations pertaining to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The Union shall provide the Company with reasonable notice of its intention to have access to the Company's premises for the aforesaid purposes. Such access shall be free from unreasonable interference from the Company provided that it is agreed that the Union's right to access shall be carried out during normal business hours and in such manner as not to interfere in any way with the normal operations of the Company or the work being performed by the Company's employees whether in or out of the bargaining unit. The Union will advise the Company of its designated representatives who wish to gain access to the premises and the Union agrees to comply with all reasonable Company security precautions as may be in force from time to time.
Specialty experience purely in a formal specialty post usually based in hospital and can include specialty time donated from previous experience.
Specialty. Specialty areas of dentistry are as defined by the American Dental Association, Council on Dental Education. The specialty definitions are added to more clearly define the scope of the practice as it pertains to the specialty areas of dentistry.
Specialty. Set-up equipment for the accommodation of musicians, performers and audience, for example; musical instruments, music stands, prompting and cueing devices, chairs, tables and risers. Arrange, set up, operate, handle, transport and keep up visual effects equipment; devices seen on camera which are used to notify performers and audiences of information about the program, such as time or result, including lights integral to such devices; and lights appearing on camera including their wiring and maintenance. Arrange prefabricated wiring in staging and design elements. Arrange for and participate in the audition of talent, obtain and make scripts, time programs, co-ordinate program flow and generally assist program and commercial Producers and Directors in production and post-production. Maintain and handle records, tapes, sheet music, files, etc., for Music Library purposes. Dub, record or tape where necessary when related to or used in conjunction with film or tape, except when used in the Newsroom operation. Carry on building maintenance, including minor air conditioning and electrical maintenance, boiler room duties and maintenance of the structure itself but not janitorial duties except in the studios and shop areas. Maintenance of grounds and operation of equipment for above duties. SPECIALTY- Receive, check and record incoming and outgoing goods. Pickup and delivery of goods in Company trucks where the equipment or goods transported fall within the jurisdiction of the bargaining unit.
Specialty. First aid under the supervision of the Security Department will be maintained in strategic areas of the building. First aid kits will also be maintained in all Company vehicles. All ladders used on electrical outlets must be in compliance with the Canada Labour Code, Part Motorized Battens No employee shall ride on motorized battens. Portable toilet facilities will be provided on remote assignments where permanent facilities are not available. The power machinery in the carpentry shop will not be operated by any employee unless another person is in the carpentry shop building. The onus is placed on the employee to see that another person is present. The Company shall provide inspections and necessary repairs to and to ensure that equipment meet pertinent federal, provincial or Workers Compensation Boards standards. The Company will provide for employees who are pregnant and who operate or protective screens for the duration of the pregnancy. Health Safety Committee A Joint Health and Safety Committee shall be constituted consisting of an equal number of representatives of management and the Union, which shall identify potential dangers and SPECIALTY health hazards and obtain information from the Company or other persons respecting the identification of hazards and health and safety experience and work practices and standards elsewhere. The committee shall meet at least once a month. Notes shall be taken of all meetings and copies shall be sent to the Company and the Union. Time spent on the Health and Safety Committee to attend meetings or inspections will be considered as time worked. Representation Two representatives of the Joint Health and Safety Committee, one from management and one from the Union, shall make periodic inspections, as determined by the Joint Health and Safety Committee, of the work place and equipment I and shall report to the Health and Safety Committee the results of their inspections. Time spent on such inspections shall be considered as time worked.