SPECIALTY Sample Clauses

SPECIALTY. At its time and expense it is agreed that the Company may require an employee to undergo a medical examination by a qualified practitioner acceptable to the employee and Company. This may be required when it is necessary to establish the state of health of a particular employee in order to determine the employee's eligibility for sick leave benefits. Once all of the medical documentation has been reviewed, the employee will be advised whether is well enough to work. If the employee so requests in writing, the results of any such examination will be conveyed to the employee's personal physician. It is understood that without the express written approval of the employee, confidential medical information may not be provided to others. In the event that the employee and the Company cannot come to an agreement regarding the choice of a medical practitioner, the Company will supply the employee with a list of three (3) medical practitioners from which the employee must choose. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is understood that the Company shall be entitled to receipt of information as to whether an employee is well enough to return to work. Calling in Sick Employees shall give as much notice as possible when calling in sick to those persons responsible for their scheduling, with a minimum of one hour prior to the start of their scheduled tour of duty, except those employees SPECIALTY- covered under the Office Division; they shall call in no later than the start of their tour of duty. Impact on Vacation Absence because of illness or incapacity shall not interrupt an employee's vacation credits for a period of up to one hundred and eighty- two (182) days only. Time Schedules Except for those incapacitated by a work related illness or injury, employees who are absent due to illness or incapacity for a period of one hundred and eighty-two 82) days and, who do not qualify for the Long Term Disability payment in the Company Plan, shall be deemed to have voluntarily quit their employment with the Company. It is the responsibility of employees to make application to the Insurance Company prior to the expiry of the Company's one hundred and eighty-two (182) days full pay under the Sick Leave policy provisions. The Company will advise the employee one (1) month in advance of the expiry of the Company's paid sick leave benefit. Employees who are deemed medically able to return and perform the duties of their former job classification or who are able to return to perform ...
SPECIALTY. DENTIST shall mean a dentist licensed by the State Board of Dentistry of the State of Texas who is trained to practice in a dental specialty and is under contract to ORAQUEST to provide those specialty services to a Member of ORAQUEST. Services by a Specialty Dentist are covered benefits only if authorized by a Family Dentist and/or ORAQUEST.
SPECIALTY. Installation and service of Lockers, Toilet Partitions, Metal Shelving, Metal Shower Stalls and Metal Pan Ceilings.
SPECIALTY. Any notice pertaining to the application or agreed interpretation of this Agreement The Company will furnish, upon request by the Union, two (2) copies of seniority records and wage information for negotiating purposes. Information Package for new employees A new employee shall be provided with a copy of the Employee Benefit Programs, the Collective Agreement and a written statement from the Company indicating the employee's rate of pay, classification and any other special commitments agreed to by the Company. Union Access to Premises Representatives of the Union shall have reasonable access to the Company's premises to carry on inspections or investigations pertaining to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The Union shall provide the Company with reasonable notice of its intention to have access to the Company's premises for the aforesaid purposes. Such access shall be free from unreasonable interference from the Company provided that it is agreed that the Union's right to access shall be carried out during normal business hours and in such manner as not to interfere in any way with the normal operations of the Company or the work being performed by the Company's employees whether in or out of the bargaining unit. The Union will advise the Company of its designated representatives who wish to gain access to the premises and the Union agrees to comply with all reasonable Company security precautions as may be in force from time to time.
SPECIALTY. Receive, check and record incoming and outgoing goods. Pickup and delivery of goods in Company trucks where the equipment or goods transported fall within the jurisdiction of the bargaining unit.
SPECIALTY. Article Break and Meal Periods However, part- time, freelance and temporary employees shall receive a meal period in all tours of duty of more than five (5) hours, and in such event such first meal period shall be exclusive of hours worked. Meal periods will be assigned in accordance with Article Article Progression of Salary Scale However, progression up the salary scale for part-time employees will occur based on accumulated hours of work of the part-time employee whereby one-thousand hundred and twenty (1920) hours is equivalent to one year of service in a given wage classification. Exceptions for Freelance Employees Only Article Posting of Schedules A freelance shift may be cancelled by hours two (2) days previous. If such notice is not given, four (4) hours at straight time shall be paid. Freelance overtime may be cancelled by hours one (1) day previous. Article Change of Schedule- A freelance shift may have the start time changed by hours one (1) day previous.
SPECIALTY. Non-employees are not covered by Company Insurance and therefore may not ride in Company vehicles without prior written approval. When requested by the Company to provide transportation for specific individuals for Company purposes Corporate Insurance coverage will apply. Scheduled Days Off Employees returning from of-town assignments which extended over a period of more than ten (10) calendar days shall, at their request, have their scheduled off assigned immediately upon their return. Time Limit on Days Away Employees shall not be required to be on out-of-town assignments in excess of fourteen (14) consecutive calendar days. Condition of Vehicles When travel to an assignment in a Company vehicle is required, the employees shall be transported in a safe and comfortable manner. Travelling Waiver of Time Credits When travelling is on a common carrier between hours and hours, local time, a maximum of eight (8) hours of travel time will be credited for that tour of duty. When an employee is scheduled on international travel, and is assigned the responsibility for customs clearance of Company equipment between the point of departure and destination, the employee shall SPECIALTY receive credit for any additional hours should these duties exceed the above eight (8) hours of travel time. Travelling- Turnaround The turnaround provisions of Article will apply based on local time from the time the employee completes the employee's travel. Sleeping Facilities When travel is on a common carrier hours and hours, local time, and suitable sleeping facilities are available, no credit shall be allowed. For the purposes of this section, a single occupancy berth or a business class, executive class or equivalent seat on a plane is construed to be suitable sleeping facilities. When travel is designated by the Company on conveyances which do not have suitable sleeping facilities, full- time credit shall be allowed. SPECIALTY
SPECIALTY. Part-Time employees (except summer students) shall be paid on an hourly basis as computed in Article for the wage classification to which the employee has been assigned. Summer students shall be paid at the flat rate of the Operations Division Group Summer Student classification. A student is one enrolled in a recognized educational institution, and shall be limited to four (4) months of work in a calendar year. Agency personnel may be hired in the Office Division by the Company when regular employees are not available to work overtime and qualified part-time employees are not available. Agency personnel are not subject to any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The Company agrees that it will not engage agency or part- time personnel for the purpose of eliminating employees, avoiding the recall from lay-offs, hiring of full-time employees in the bargaining unit.
SPECIALTY. First aid under the supervision of the Security Department will be maintained in strategic areas of the building. First aid kits will also be maintained in all Company vehicles. All ladders used on electrical outlets must be in compliance with the Canada Labour Code, Part Motorized Battens No employee shall ride on motorized battens. Portable toilet facilities will be provided on remote assignments where permanent facilities are not available. The power machinery in the carpentry shop will not be operated by any employee unless another person is in the carpentry shop building. The onus is placed on the employee to see that another person is present. The Company shall provide inspections and necessary repairs to and to ensure that equipment meet pertinent federal, provincial or Workers Compensation Boards standards. The Company will provide for employees who are pregnant and who operate or protective screens for the duration of the pregnancy. Health Safety Committee A Joint Health and Safety Committee shall be constituted consisting of an equal number of representatives of management and the Union, which shall identify potential dangers and SPECIALTY health hazards and obtain information from the Company or other persons respecting the identification of hazards and health and safety experience and work practices and standards elsewhere. The committee shall meet at least once a month. Notes shall be taken of all meetings and copies shall be sent to the Company and the Union. Time spent on the Health and Safety Committee to attend meetings or inspections will be considered as time worked. Representation Two representatives of the Joint Health and Safety Committee, one from management and one from the Union, shall make periodic inspections, as determined by the Joint Health and Safety Committee, of the work place and equipment I and shall report to the Health and Safety Committee the results of their inspections. Time spent on such inspections shall be considered as time worked.
SPECIALTY. PRESCRIPTION DRUG is a type of prescription drug in our formulary that generally is identified by, but not limited to, features such as: • being produced by DNA technology; • treats chronic or long term disease; • requires customized clinical monitoring and patient support; and • needs special handling. Generally, specialty pharmacies dispense specialty Prescription Drugs. Contact Customer Service for further details and information about specialty prescription drugs and specialty pharmacies. For the purposes of this agreement, we have designated certain prescribed prescription drugs to be specialty prescription drugs in our formulary. To obtain coverage information for any specific specialty prescription drug or to obtain a copy of the most current formulary listing, visit our website or you may call our Customer Service Department. TYPE OF SERVICE means, for the purposes of this agreement, the two kinds of prescription drugs that are defined as: • generic, preferred brand name, and non-preferred brand name Prescription Drugs; and • specialty Prescription Drugs. Generic, Preferred Brand Name, or Non-Preferred Brand Name Prescription Drugs Dispensed and Administered by a Licensed Health Care Provider (other than a Pharmacy) Generic, preferred brand name, or non-preferred brand name prescription drugs we have approved that are dispensed and administered by a licensed health care provider (other than a pharmacy) are covered under this agreement, subject to the copayment and deductible (if any) shown in the Summary of Medical Benefits. The generic, preferred brand name, or non- preferred brand name prescription drug must be medically necessary and dispensed per our dispensing guidelines in order to be covered.