Simultaneously Sample Clauses

Simultaneously. These nurses shall advise the Employer of their decision whether or not to elect a V.E.O. within two weeks of being advised of the offer. If the response exceeds the number required then seniority will prevail in the following sequence:
Simultaneously. It is The Cradle’s belief this may be challenging emotionally, physically and financially; we will work with applicants to determine their needs and abilities to pursue both. The Cradle requests that applicants inform us of a pregnancy by the end of the first trimester. At that time applicants will be placed on hold. Upon the birth of the child, applicants will be withdrawn from our program. Applicants who wish to reapply for adoption at a future date will need to have a home study completed to reflect the applicantsfamily make-up; home study fees in effect at the time will apply. The Cradle will not show applicants’ profile to expectant parents while they are on hold or while they are pregnant.
Simultaneously and without prejudice to the contents of paragraph 3.25, on issuance of Notification of Award to the successful Tenderer, KPLC shall notify each unsuccessful Tenderer. 3.38.4 A notification of the tender outcome does not reduce the validity period for any tender security whether the Tenderer is successful or not, except where such tender security is officially released to the Bank and/or the Tenderer and such Bank discharged of all its obligations by KPLC prior to the expiry of its stated validity period.
Simultaneously. (i) each holder of MVS Securities will transfer such MVS Securities to Trizec Canada and Trizec Canada will issue one Trizec Canada MVS to such holder in exchange for each such MVS Security transferred to it by such holder pursuant to this Section 2.2(a)(i);
Simultaneously. These nurses shall advise the Employer of their decision whether or not to elect a
Simultaneously i. The MEB Buller Owner hereby contributes 100% of the outstanding equity interests of MEB Buller to Norcraft LLC in exchange for the number of common units of Norcraft LLC (“Common Units”) set forth on Schedule I hereto opposite the name of the MEB Buller Owner and in the columns titled “Contribution” and “Number of Common Units Granted,” respectively (the “MEB Buller Owner Contribution”);
Simultaneously. (a) Each LTIP Unit outstanding immediately prior to the Effective Time shall be deemed to be vested and shall be deemed to be transferred by the holder thereof, free and clear of any Liens, to the Corporation in exchange for a cash payment by the Corporation equal to the Consideration in respect of each LTIP Unit, less amounts withheld and remitted in accordance with Section 4.3 and each such LTIP Unit shall immediately be cancelled.