Sign Sample Clauses

Sign. Tenant shall not place or permit to be placed any sign or decoration on the land or the exterior of the Building without the prior written consent of Landlord. Tenant, upon written notice by Landlord, shall immediately remove any sign or decoration that Tenant has placed or permitted to be placed on the land or the exterior of the Building without the prior written consent of Landlord, and if Tenant fails to so remove such sign or decoration within five (5) days after Landlord's written notice, Landlord may enter upon the Premises and remove said sign or decoration and Tenant agrees to pay Landlord, as additional rent upon demand, the cost of such removal. At the termination of this Lease, Tenant shall remove any sign which it has placed on the Parcel or Building and shall repair any damage caused by the installation or removal of such sign.
Sign. Tenant shall install and maintain one (1) sign affixed to the front of the Leased Premises, subject to the prior written approval of Landlord as to design and location and conforming to all applicable legal and insurance requirements. Tenant's sign shall conform to the specifications and requirements contained in Exhibit E attached hereto. Tenant shall keep its approved storefront sign lighted during all hours that the Shopping Center is open to the public and during such other hours as may be reasonably designated by Landlord but in no event more than one (1) hour after the close of business. Tenant shall pay for all costs in connection with such sign and shall be responsible for the cost of proper installation and removal thereof and any damage caused to the Leased Premises thereby. In the event Landlord deems it necessary to remove such sign, then Landlord shall have the right to do so, provided, however, that if the sign has received Landlord's prior written approval and is consistent with the specifications and requirements of Exhibit E, Landlord shall replace said sign as soon as practicable. Except as mentioned above, Tenant shall not place or cause to be placed, erected or maintained on any exterior door, wall or window of the Leased Premises, or the glass of any window or door of the Leased Premises, or on any sidewalk or within any display window space in the Leased Premises, or within five (5) feet of the front of the storefront lease line or opening, or within any entrance to the Leased Premises or otherwise visible from the enclosed mall, any sign (flashing, moving, hanging, handwritten or otherwise), decal, placard, flashing, moving or hanging lights, lettering or any other advertising matter of any kind or description. No symbol, design, name, mark or insignia adopted by Landlord for the Retail Development shall be used without the prior written approval of Landlord. Any interior signs must be in good taste and prepared professionally (not hand-lettered) so as not to detract from the appearance of the Leased Premises or the Shopping Center. Any sign or display visible from the exterior of the Leased Premises which does not meet the above criteria may be removed at any time by Landlord without Landlord incurring any liability therefor, and without such removal constituting a breach of this Lease or entitling Tenant to claim damages on account thereof.
Sign. No sign, placard, picture, advertisement, name or notice shall be inscribed, displayed, printed or affixed on or to any part of the outside or inside of the Building, the Premises or the surrounding area without the written consent of the Landlord being first obtained. If such consent is given by Landlord, Landlord may regulate the manner of display of the sign, placard, picture, advertisement, name or notice. Landlord shall have the right to remove any sign, placard, picture, advertisement, name or notice which has not been approved by Landlord or is being displayed in a non-approved manner without notice to and at the expense of the Tenant. Tenant shall not place anything or allow anything to be placed near the glass of any window, door, partition or wall which may appear unsightly from outside of the Premises.
Sign. The Landlord may from time to time place upon the premises a notice of reasonable dimensions and reasonably placed so as not to interfere with the business of the Tenant stating that the Lands are for sale, and during the last six months of the Term may similarly place a sign stating that the Premises are to be let.
Sign. The Tenant, at Tenant’s expense, shall have the privilege and right of placing five (5) signs on the Premises as it deems necessary and proper in the conduct of its business subject to Landlord’s prior written approval, which approval may not be unreasonably withheld. All signs will conform to the size, location, and quality as determined by the Landlord and as specified on Exhibit “F”. Tenant shall comply with all laws, ordinances, plat and deed restrictions, and lawful municipal regulations applicable to the erection, maintenance, and removal of such signs. Tenant shall be responsible for the removal of such signs upon surrender of the Premises. Any damage to any improvements caused by such removal shall be repaired by Tenant within ten calendar dayswritten notice from Landlord at Tenant’s expense. If such damage has not been restored by Tenant within such ten (10) day notice period, Landlord may cause such damage to be repaired and charge Tenant for the cost of such repairs.
Sign. The tenant may, subject to the landlord's prior written approval, which shall not be unreasonably withheld, erect an outdoor sign on the premises to advertise the tenant's business. Any such sign must be in compliance with law and with the rules and regulations of all governmental authorities having jurisdiction. Tenant will obtain and pay for all permits required by the sign. At the expiration, or prior termination of the lease in accordance with its terms, upon notice from the landlord, the tenant shall remove the sign and repair all damage at landlord's request. Landlord shall have the right to remove the sign and charge tenant for the cost.
Sign. The Lessor will provide a sign for the Lessee which shall be of a style in keeping with the signs used by the other tenants and the Lessee agrees that he/she shall place no other sign on the Premises other than the sign which is provided by the Lessor enumerating tenants in the Building 285 Suites.
Sign. Subtenant shall have the right at its cost to maintain its name on signage within or on the Premises or on the Excluded Area, provided any such signage placed by Subtenant on the Main Building or on the Excluded Area shall be in compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances, rules and regulations.
Sign. Subject to compliance with applicable laws, codes and ordinances, Lenders reserve the right to publicize the making of the Loan in any manner they deem appropriate, including, without limitation, advertisements in trade journals and newspapers. In addition, Borrower agrees that Agent shall have the right to erect and maintain a sign at the Project, at Agent's expense, in a prominent location for the first twelve months of the Loan. Lenders acknowledge and agree that any public announcement of this Loan will not be made by Lenders without the prior approval of Borrower, which will not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.